Friday, February 9, 2018

Loopmasters: iMPC Pro 2 Tutorial

Our pals at Loopmasters have created an amazing four part series on iMPC Pro 2 and AudioCopy.

The first is 'Importing Loopmasters Sounds with AudioCopy'.

This tutorial is on AudioCopy’s Content Store, where you can purchase royalty free samples and Loopmasters packs. There are 5 sound packs curated specifically for iMPC Pro 2, all made with sounds from Akai's vault.

In this second video, Loopmasters covers 'How To Record Audio Tracks & Assign to Drum Pads'.

One of the new features to the iMPC Pro 2 update is the track feature. In this tutorial, Joshua Casper shows us two different ways of recording our voice directly into iMPC Pro 2. You will also learn how to record audio tracks and how to pass them to drum pads.

In this third video, 'How To Chop & Slice Your Music & Audio Samples', Loopmasters shows us how to chop and slice our music and audio samples in iMPC Pro 2.

In this fourth and final video, How To Use FX Pad and Create a SongLoopmasters, shows us around the new song sequencer inside iMPC Pro 2. This tutorial also features the Fx pad.

We hope you enjoy the tutorials. If you have any suggestions for future videos, comment below on what you would like to see!

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