Thursday, February 1, 2018

New iMPC Pro Updates 🀠 πŸ™Œ πŸ€—

Great news! We've updated iMPC Pro (version 1.6.93) and iMPC Pro 2 (version 2.0.6). With the new update, you will successfully be able to import and export your projects between both iMPC Pro and iMPC Pro 2. Here's how you do it! 

How to Import sounds from iMPC PRO to iMPC Pro 2: 

1. Open up iMPC Pro
2. Click "Archive for iMPC Pro 2" in the bottom left corner
3. Wait for your project to Archive
4. Once your project is archived, tap done 
5. Plug into your computer
6. Open iTunes and go to "File Sharing"
7. Hit the iMPC Pro app in File Sharing
8. Drag the files you want to import into iMPC Pro 2 to your desktop
9. back in iTunes file sharing, click iMPC Pro 2
10. Take the files from your desktop and drag them into iMPC Pro 2
11. Open iMPC Pro 2 on your iPad
12. Tap "Import Project" in the bottom left corner
13. An "Import Project Archive" Window will open, tap the project you want to import
14. Your file opens up in iMPC Pro 2! and are ready to work on 
15. RAGE ON.

Please Note: Older iMPC Pro 1 projects need to be re-saved before importing them into iMPC Pro 2. It's easy to do this. Just re-save it, export it, and you'll be good to go.

   Also, our awesome developers also fixed some other bugs in iMPC Pro 2:

  • MIDI learn on larger iPads can now learn the right-hand-most controls
  • Number of sequences shown for imported iMPCPro 1 projects is now correct
  • Duplicating bars on AU tracks now works as expected
  • Improved undo handling for recording notes
  • Reloading sessions with multiple AU instruments which have custom patches fixed
  • Fixed editing chopped samples when dealing with sampling rates higher than 44.1khz
  • Improvements for IAA
  • Improved stability for importing/exporting projects between Pro apps that had special characters (i.e. &)

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