Friday, March 16, 2018

March Madness 🏀

This year, we're participating in March Madness, the NCAA tournament for college basketball. I bet you probably thought our office is full of only musicians. You're right. Well, we here at Retronyms HQ are also pretty big basketball fanatics. Check out our bracket below and play along with us:

We'll be following along until the final game on April 2nd. We're betting on each of these teams, and if they win, so do you. If you see a blue Retronyms logo next to a team name, that means that a sound pack is going on sale. If you see an orange Retronyms logo next to a team name, that indicates an app going on sale. 

We'll save the details for later, but you should know our biggest sale starts now. If you haven't tried iMPC Pro 2 yet head over to the app store and check it out. iMPC Pro 2 is on sale NOW for just $12.99 until the final game.

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