Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Jack Throwback: Livestream

JP is live on YouTube now. He's demoing our newest Akai iMPC Pro Pack, New Jack Throwback.

Check it out here!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

iMPC Pro 2: Version 2.0.7

We've just released the latest version of iMPC Pro 2. Here are our release notes! If you're happy with this update, may we humbly ask for your review on our App Store page?

We're constantly looking for feedback -- ideas for new features, problems you're experiencing, and your thoughts on iMPC Pro 2 in general. If you have any questions, please email us at Tag us in your music. We love to listen. :)

Features added:
* You can now export stems!

Bugs fixed:
* Right-bias fixed in resample recordings
* Solo automation gets stuck in on position
* Tempo Sync now supported in Audio Units
* Syntronik Audio Unit now works with iMPC Pro 2
* Fixed gaps in audio track mixdown on certain device/OS combinations
* Fixed bug where slice markers were off when editing sounds > 44khz
* MIDI input no longer triggers last-selected AU track when on a drum track
* Fixed Undo when recording MIDI
* Fixed bugs when multiple audio segments were highlighted
* IAA effect send now work on audio tracks
* Occasional buzzes and other audio glitches when IAA removed
* Crash when trying to open an empty user program
* BPM changes when writing out stems and mixdowns
* Audio Unit quantization fixed
* Audio Unit notes may now be erased with the Erase button in Perform
* Audio Units now always play correct sequence on restored projects
* MIDI-learned drumpads no longer triggered in AU mode
* Tracks view now shows notes as they are recorded
* Outputs to virtual MIDI devices can now be disabled in the MIDI menu

Happy music making! Stay tuned for the next update. If you have bugs, email us ASAP to get them in the next fix.

Monday, February 19, 2018

4 new packs from DJ Puzzle 🎉 🗣🔥

Expand your horizons with Industrial Soundscapes

This week, DJ Puzzle is back with another set of sounds. We're introducing a new genre to the Content Store: Industrial. The inspiration for these packs were a combination of classic industrial music and modern suspense films. This collection of sounds gives you vibes from artists including NIN, Front Line Assembly, and Skinny Puppy to name a few. You won’t want to miss this brand new genre.  Be sure to check out Industrial Soundscapes, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. We're also releasing LoFi Hip Hop, along with a DJ Puzzle interview.

Hear From the Producer

We sat down with DJ Puzzle and talked music, babies, catfish, ACID Pro and what's he been up to this past year.

@Retronyms: Tell us about an event you performed at that went well this last year?
@DJ Puzzle: I haven't had any performances recently I've been focusing my energy on a few production projects including a new loop pack for Magix (new owners of Acid Pro 8) which is scheduled for a big re-launch of the Acid Pro product line very soon. Also stoked to get my first movie trailer but I can't disclose the information on that just yet. Polygon a very popular video game site just featured several of my tunes in their Waluigi playlist on Youtube last week that was a lot of fun :) Lots of cool production projects and TV placements happening this year! Some of the new loops were even used on the MTV show Catfish!

@Retronyms: You just released a song called Low Key Hip Hop Beats #FAWM 2018, can you tell us more about what inspired this song: 
@DJ Puzzle: That song Low Key Hip Hop is a preview of  my new loop pack for Magix. Long story short in the late 90s Sonic Foundry released a revolutionary software product called Acid Pro. Back then there was nothing like it, no Ableton Live etc. I got a job working there editing their loop packages and then two years later left the company to start my own loop company. I did not burn any bridges so they actually hired me as a freelance producer and I produced I believe 14 loop packs for them over the years. They sold the software to Sony and then Sony recently sold it to Magix. Magix contacted me and said we hear you are THE guy to produce content for ACID Pro and we want to hire you for a big re-launch. Of course I was stoked and said yeah it's like 1998 all over again lol. Not to bore you with this sorry I just think the story is interesting how something that change my life in the late 90s has come full circle to spread more love.

@Retronyms: How do you manage to keep balance in your life? 
@DJ Puzzle: Balancing my life these days is more challenging than ever because I just had my first kid. A little girl , Maya. Both my wife and I are both entrepreneurs we run our own businesses and work from home so juggling work with parenting is very difficult mainly because we're both home. My studio is at home as well so there is no leaving for 8 hours and coming home after a long day of work lol This is great for baby though she has two parents when she needs us. Honestly though I've been in the music biz for 20 years now working as a professional so I'm pretty fast. When I have a contract with a deadline I can write 1-2 songs per day no problem. This typically takes 2-4 hours to write and produce them. Of course I'll revisit them a day or two later for a fresh perspective. 

Stay tuned for more from DJ Puzzle! Keep updated on all of his adventures on his website, where he posts about what he's created.

Like DJ Puzzle on Facebook | Follow him on Instagram | Subscribe to his YouTube channel

You can find all these packs in the AudioCopy Content Store.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Loopmasters: iMPC Pro 2 Tutorial

Our pals at Loopmasters have created an amazing four part series on iMPC Pro 2 and AudioCopy.

The first is 'Importing Loopmasters Sounds with AudioCopy'.

This tutorial is on AudioCopy’s Content Store, where you can purchase royalty free samples and Loopmasters packs. There are 5 sound packs curated specifically for iMPC Pro 2, all made with sounds from Akai's vault.

In this second video, Loopmasters covers 'How To Record Audio Tracks & Assign to Drum Pads'.

One of the new features to the iMPC Pro 2 update is the track feature. In this tutorial, Joshua Casper shows us two different ways of recording our voice directly into iMPC Pro 2. You will also learn how to record audio tracks and how to pass them to drum pads.

In this third video, 'How To Chop & Slice Your Music & Audio Samples', Loopmasters shows us how to chop and slice our music and audio samples in iMPC Pro 2.

In this fourth and final video, How To Use FX Pad and Create a SongLoopmasters, shows us around the new song sequencer inside iMPC Pro 2. This tutorial also features the Fx pad.

We hope you enjoy the tutorials. If you have any suggestions for future videos, comment below on what you would like to see!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New iMPC Pro Updates 🤠 🙌 🤗

Great news! We've updated iMPC Pro (version 1.6.93) and iMPC Pro 2 (version 2.0.6). With the new update, you will successfully be able to import and export your projects between both iMPC Pro and iMPC Pro 2. Here's how you do it! 

How to Import sounds from iMPC PRO to iMPC Pro 2: 

1. Open up iMPC Pro
2. Click "Archive for iMPC Pro 2" in the bottom left corner
3. Wait for your project to Archive
4. Once your project is archived, tap done 
5. Plug into your computer
6. Open iTunes and go to "File Sharing"
7. Hit the iMPC Pro app in File Sharing
8. Drag the files you want to import into iMPC Pro 2 to your desktop
9. back in iTunes file sharing, click iMPC Pro 2
10. Take the files from your desktop and drag them into iMPC Pro 2
11. Open iMPC Pro 2 on your iPad
12. Tap "Import Project" in the bottom left corner
13. An "Import Project Archive" Window will open, tap the project you want to import
14. Your file opens up in iMPC Pro 2! and are ready to work on 
15. RAGE ON.

Please Note: Older iMPC Pro 1 projects need to be re-saved before importing them into iMPC Pro 2. It's easy to do this. Just re-save it, export it, and you'll be good to go.

   Also, our awesome developers also fixed some other bugs in iMPC Pro 2:

  • MIDI learn on larger iPads can now learn the right-hand-most controls
  • Number of sequences shown for imported iMPCPro 1 projects is now correct
  • Duplicating bars on AU tracks now works as expected
  • Improved undo handling for recording notes
  • Reloading sessions with multiple AU instruments which have custom patches fixed
  • Fixed editing chopped samples when dealing with sampling rates higher than 44.1khz
  • Improvements for IAA
  • Improved stability for importing/exporting projects between Pro apps that had special characters (i.e. &)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#NAMM2018 👩🏽‍🎤 🍠 👨🏼‍🎤 𝄫 🎶 🎉

We just got back from NAMM 2018 and we're having a serious post vacation hangover :( The best remedy for a hangover is a little hair of the dog ;) so, here are some photos of one of our favorite moments, from one of our favorite events of 2018.

By far, the coolest part of this show is meeting all of our amazing users. We are so honored that you notice our apps and have decided to integrate them into your workflow. This year at NAMM we were so excited to show everyone some of our favorite products; Wej and iMPC Pro 2! We can all scroll through while we sit at our desk and think of Nammyer days...

If we had the chance to meet you and, you have pics send them our way.

Friday, January 26, 2018

The best beatmaking experience yet.

We recently released iMPC Pro 2, our latest collaboration with Akai Professional. The iMPC line of apps have now evolved into a full fledged song creation tool with the addition of iMPC Pro 2. The app includes Audio Unit Tracks and Audio Tracks, in addition to the beloved drum tracks included in previous iMPC apps.

We're offering you a bundle price for both iMPC Pro and iMPC Pro 2. If you're using iMPC Pro already, you'll save a bit on iMPC Pro 2. If you haven't tried either app, we encourage you to utilize the discounted bundle price.

iMPC Pro 2 is a small download – we know how it goes, trying to maintain space on your iPads. The app comes with 5 FREE sound packs, which you can download in AudioCopy. For the next week, we're throwing in an additional iMPC Pro Pack, The Vault (offer ends 2/3/18).