Thursday, April 4, 2019

New releases for you.

#FreshFriday is Here 🎢

We've got two new Sound Packs for you to sample in The Content Store. Our Retronyms producers want to know what genres you're wanting more of. Comment below with the packs you want to see! We're all about increasing your creativity, so we're going to expand our collections to meet your needs.

The Latest Pro Packs ✨

Our new iMPC Pro Pack Nu Skillz contains high-quality heavy hip-hop beats with various melody loops.  It is the perfect collection of vintage hip hop samples, so check out our demo song in AudioCopy and get this newest addition to your latest project!

Developed exclusively from the ground-up by Snipe Young whose production credits include many of the top artists, Dark Parallax Vol 2 delivers a brand new collection of breathtaking kits and melodic loops processed to the highest quality. DP2 includes an unstoppable rugged collection of drum hits, bass, key melodic, and vocal loops, transforming your production to a new level. Inspiration starts here again!

Monday, March 18, 2019

UPDATE AVAILABLE: iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone 2.0.2 🎢

Let's Dive In

iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone is our newest app, and we're here to make it as exciting as possible for you. Here’s the full list of features and fixes included in this update. Need help? Feel free to email us at If you are enjoying this update, please leave us a review :) 

  • Users can seek in Timeline and Tracks view by tapping the ruler. One tap sets the restart point. Drag for fine adjustment. Tap stop while already stopped to reset it, or simply tap on the left-side of the ruler.
  • Fix Track (time correct) now has an Undo
  • Basic Files support so you can transfer sounds and sessions without involving your computer
  • Warn and clear pad when a user tries to load a malformed wav file
  • When tabbing between categories in the sound browser, you can actively clear search (it used to stay on but it wasn't clear to the user). 
  • Demo Session/My Projects tab stays in sync. 
  • AudioPaste in Tracks view now pastes onto the track whose timeline is tapped, not the selected track. 
  • More efficient InterApp and AudioUnits
  • Fix Track (time correct) now works on AudioUnit tracks 
  • Fix buzzing/crashing bug when overdubbing Flux Link
  • Fix mix-to-mono-R bug fixed
  • AudioPasting a large sound into an Audio Track is now more stable 
  • Ableton Link audio track desync issue has been resolved 
  • AUv3 plugins properly bounce offline (this caused gaps in audio when bouncing AUv3s which streamed audio off the drive)
  • Fix mismatched pad colors when loading a program that has mute group information while in Tweak view
  • InterApp FX work on iPhones which do not have headphone jacks (48khz-native audio device bug)
  • You can now delete the entire sound in sound editor
  • Adding a new track properly resets Mute and Solo settings. Fixed update bug with Mute and Solo in Tracks view. Fix Mute and Solo bug when deleting tracks out of the middle.
  • Fix bug in which all AUv3 parameters would appear in Timeline>Params if one automation lane was added
  • Fix bug in which sometimes the first slice of a sound in Chop or Slice mode was not selectable
  • Fix buzzing in sound editor in Slice mode after certain edits were made in Chop mode
  • Fix MIDI learn crash when navigating from page to page
  • Audio track general stability and fixed visual bugs
  • Sequencer note selection more visually consistent (notes did not turn blue upon select all)
  • Fix sync bug with audio tracks and Ableton Link
  • Fix disappearing Ableton Link dialog after a bounce
  • Fixed bug where deleting a user program could delete the wrong program
  • Fix waveform stretching visual bug for Audio Tracks
  • Fixed mis-slicing bug in chop/slice audio editing when set to auto and when combined with trim
  • Current MIDI learn mapping clears when turning MPC Mode on
  • Fixed MPC Desktop gain (it was too loud), and fixed MPC Desktop exporting per-pad settings on projects with multiple tracks
  • Better handling of unicode in filenames (fixes crashes)
  • InterApp working better on 48khz devices. AudioUnits at correct pitch on 48khz devices.
  • Fix bug where Audio Track parameter automation could be erroneously cleared
  • Fix layout issue when backing out of "e-mail support"

Thursday, February 7, 2019

🎸UPDATE AVAILABLE: Looperverse Version 1.3🎢

Here's What's New 🎁

We've been working hard this month on a Looperverse update for you. Let us know what you think of version 1.3! If you're enjoying this update, will you consider leaving us a review on our App Store Page? If you need help or have questions, please email us at :)

New Features: 
  • Metronome volume saves with the scene
  • Name your .wav when saving a scene
  • BPM now goes down to 20 for Ableton Link purposes (30 was the old limit)
  • Simple iOS Files app support
  • Build number is now displayed on the help screen
Universal Fixes:
  • Fixed clicks in mixdown
  • Fixed instability when pasting audio in with AudioCopy
  • "Audio in Background" now shown as enabled and greyed out when it cannot be disabled (Ableton Link is on, InterApp is on, or AudioBus is on)
  • Fixed bug where wrapped region of sound can lose sync
  • Fixed bug where duplicated region started playback immediately
  • Minor visual fixes
  • CC82 with value 0 now turns off the metronome as expected
  • Various other small bug fixes
iPad Specific Fixes: 
  • AudioPaste destination app dialog looks better
  • Layout of MIDI learn overlays fixed for iPad Pro 10.5"
iPhone Specific Fixes: 
  • Fix crackling sound on some iPhones (models which don't have headphone jacks)
  • Fixed keyboard covering up the save dialogs on some iPhone display sizes
  • AudioPaste no longer dismisses before users can select destination app
  • AudioPaste doesn't freeze the UI or distort the waveform after dismissal
  • The toolbar is now scrollable during MIDI learn so that owners of smaller phones can learn all transport controls

Monday, January 21, 2019

UPDATE AVAILABLE: iMPC Pro 2 for iPad πŸ”₯

New Year, New Features 🎢

What’s New: 

This update includes a lot! Here’s the break down. If you have questions, email us at If you’re enjoying the update, we’d love if you rate the app :) 

  • AudioUnit track MIDI data can now be exported to MPC Desktop
  • Mute group colors now display in Perform view
  • Warn and clear pad when a user tries to load a malformed .wav file
  • Sequencer note selection more visually consistent (notes did not turn blue upon select all)
  • When tabbing between categories in the sound browser, you can now clear search
  • Display audio input device name in New Sound menu
  • Added MIDI Monitor and Bluetooth MIDI pairing menu
  • Audio track general stability and fixed visual bugs
  • Display lays out better on large iPads
  • Demo Session/My Projects tab stays in sync
  • Fixed Ableton Link dialog disappearing after some AudioCopy exports
  • Nicer turntable behavior on larger iPads
  • Sharing a sound to AudioCopy no longer gives the user a blank Ableton Link menu
  • Fixed visual bug in Mic/Line threshold bar
  • Fix sync bug with audio tracks and Ableton Link
  • Current MIDI learn mapping clears when turning MPC Mode on
  • Mix-to-mono-R bug fixed (it would blank the audio if you tried to keep only the right side)
  • Improved Bluetooth Audio support
  • Toggling REC off does not hitch on slower iPads
  • Fixed buzzing bug when hot-swapping new audio input device in New Sound menu
  • Fixed instability when AudioPasting a large sound into an Audio Track
  • Fixed bug where deleting a user program could delete the wrong program
  • Sound Editor: Fixed mis-slicing bug in chop/slice mode when set to auto-slice and when combined with trim
  • Fix for Sound Editor: Crash when going to auto from grid
  • Fixed buzzing on input when using external audio devices

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Day 6... 🎁

Every iMPC Pro Pack is 50% off! 

Maximize your creativity with any of our iMPC apps: iMPC for iPhone, iMPC Classic, iMPC Pro 2, and iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone. All iMPC Pro Packs are discounted to celebrate 2018 and all of the amazing producers that we added to the Content Store

What's your favorite pack? Comment below! 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Expand your collection. 🎁✨

Add to Your Table. 🎢

It's Day 5 of our holiday sale! We're focusing on Tabletop today, and we want you to try out some of these devices. Grab any of these apps and devices at 50% off today only. 🎹

Dive Into... 

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Bring in the new year with new sounds... ✨

We've never priced Sound Packs this low. Enjoy all of our Retronyms label Sound Packs for just $0.99 today! Artists and producers include DJ Puzzle, Colin Yarck, and Eburnean. Enjoy and don't forget to tag us in your music... 🎢