Friday, July 31, 2020

AudioCopy Update & Beatbox Sale 🎤

AudioCopy has been updated! What's new in this update:

-Dark mode support.
-Support for larger iPads and iPhones.
-Files app support.
-Hidden files are no longer displayed in the sample list.
-Other bug fixes and improvements.

Beatbox Sound Pack Sale

Every sound in this pack was created by the human body! Add some professional beatbox sounds to your music. Heavy on percussive elements, but not lacking on unique vocal effects, bass, higher register melodies, and surprising instrumental emulation.

Grab this pack for 70% off from now until next Friday (8/7) on your newly updated version of AudioCopy!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

House and Festival-Worthy EDM on Sale!

Grab a couple of our best House & EDM packs for just $2 from now until next Friday (7/31). 
Melbourne Bounce
Missing Lollapalooza and Coachella? Bring some of that nostalgia to your fingertips with Melbourne Bounce! It's a fantastic pack from down under full of classic rave sounds.

Progressive House
Hailing from Italy, Andrea Bertolini's Progressive House is a perfect example of Euro House! It's sure to bring some energy to all your beats, and has all the ingredients for heavy hitting house!

Friday, July 17, 2020

🇯🇲 Yeah Mon! Reggae Sale Starts Now 🇯🇲

Our week-long reggae sale is happening NOW! Get these two wonderful packs for only $2 in AudioCopy before next Friday (7/24) to save on the best Reggae sound packs out there!
Dub And Reggae Sound Station
Perfect for all of your Reggae needs! You don't want to miss this incredible reggae pack which has tried and true reggae skankin', live instruments, and modern stylings.

Dubmatix Automatic Reggae
Automatic Reggae makes it easy for you to make jaw-dropping reggae beats with a plethora of instruments. Organs, guitar, bass, saxophones, and a few surprises! It's one of our favorite packs for the summer, so get your hands on it!

Friday, July 10, 2020

💃 DiscoFunk On Sale 🕺

Get your groove on this weekend with some delightful disco and fantastic funk! Both packs are on sale for just $2 bucks. The sale ends Sunday night (7/12), so get them today!


This quintessential disco sound pack is exactly what you need to party like it's 1979! All the classic disco sounds you could ever want, plus new interpretations on disco are here, ready for the taking!

The Funky Underground
A mixture of Nu Disco, funk, and house music, this is a sure-fire way to add some bounce to your summer. Magnetic rhythms and fiery melodies have been mixed and EQ'd precisely so that they're ready to drop into you beat fresh out of the pack!

Friday, July 3, 2020

🎹 4th of July Sale! Premium Synths Sounds 🎹

We're celebrating the Fourth of July with you this weekend! Grab Four of our best synth sound packs all more than half off. When you're out grilling this weekend, don't forget to add some soulful, funky, and irresistible music to your celebration!

Space Stomp

Classic Synthology

Violet Groove

Synth Explorer DX7

Get these sound packs today! The sale ends next Friday (7/10), but the weekend needs your music!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Exquisite Trap On Sale 💯

Take advantage of our week long sale of two of our most exquisite trap packs! Bring some fire to your speakers today 🔥🔥🔥 

Urban Alien Vol. 2
Out of this world sounds mix with heavy-duty trap so you can turn up like the aliens do! Spacious synths combined with in-your-face kicks, snare, and hi hats means this sound pack will knock around your beats for a long time to come.

Midwest Trap
From the home of many hip hop greats, Midwest Trap incorporates the style and aesthetics of midwest hip hop. It's got a mixture of melodic rock elements and go-to trap grooves, effects, and swagger that's perfect to rap over. For all you trapaholics out there, this is guaranteed to give you just what you need!

Friday, June 19, 2020

🌑 Darker Than Dark: Sinister Pack Now Available 🌑

What's more sinister than a Blood Moon? Shadow Blood is our latest and heaviest sound pack that features goth and rock aesthetics. Expect to find many amazing drum loops perfect for all kinds of grooves, creeping guitar chords, super sub-heavy bass, and detuned synths. The FX in here a wild, and absolutely worth grabbing!

UK Garage and 2 Step

Prepare yourself for a mega house pack! All the best sounds and nuances of contemporary house are wrapped up tightly into this inspiring sound pack. Enjoy club-ready grooves, deep kicks, subterranean basses, and funky melodies. The precision of sound design means that your mix will be perfect.

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