Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Debacle" Hackathon 2015 recap

Last week was Retronyms annual retreat/hackathon, affectionately referred to as the "Debacle". We made lots of great progress on AudioCopy, iMPC Pro, Wej, and more. Here's some highlights from youtube:

JP was making samples for a new AudioCopy Store Sound Pack... using AudioCopy :) Grabbing a bunch of samples in AudioCopy allows you to use them in any apps... convenient.

Louis shows of the latest progress on the Slice Loop feature in iMPC Pro. There's more info about this this in recent iMPC Pro Log videos. It's looking and sounding quite nice.

AudioCopy workflow is getting a big improvement — Locky shows off the Multi-paste feature coming soon to the SDK. You'll be able to paste entire folders of sounds with one tap. Slick!

There's more photos and posts from Debacle 2015 on our Facebook page. Stop by and say "hi".

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Phase84 on sale this week!

In honor of our 8th annual hackathon (affectionately referred to as the "Debacle"), Phase84 is half off this week! Get our next-generation phase distortion synth for just 6.99!

Every year, Retronyms holes up in a off-site location for a sprint of work (and some play too of course). It can be a bit crazy, but the Debacle is a long-running tradition for us, and some of our best products have gotten head starts here. Tabletop, iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and more all owe a lot to Debacle!

This year we're in Santa Cruz, CA — stay tuned for news and info about what we're up to!

View of the beach from the Debacle House, the gang getting up and running on day 1.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wej Schematic and live demo

In this episode of The Build, Dan talks about the development of Wej. Take a look at the "development guts" of Wej as Dan outlines the components he's been using to write the firmware. At 4:38, Louis appears to stress-test the setup with a wireless controller-driven solo.

Wej is a hackable wireless midi performance base iOS. Learn more!

Monday, March 16, 2015

iMPC Pro Log — Slice Loop

The next iMPC Pro update has lots of powerful timestretching features. Last time, JP covered Loops & Metadata and how loops from the content store will timestretch inside iMPC Pro. In the Latest iMPC Pro Log, he shows how you can slice your own tempo-independent loops from any sample.

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Sound Packs add more Trap, Hip Hop, Dub, Reggae and more!

This week, eight new packs from Loopmasters dropped in the AudioCopy Content Store. Trap producers will find a lot to love in this latest set as popular content store producer Capsun is back to expand on their top-selling Capsun Trap with Trap Evolution and Chill Trap & Future RnB packs. This set also beefs up offerings in EDM, Hip Hop, Reggae and rounds it all out with Robotica which really has to be heard first hand, but check the description:

"Every sound in this collection has come from genuinely abused toys mic'd and hardwired to a chain of devastating audio effects including Bitcrushers, Watkins Tape Delay, Mooger Fooger Pedals and then plumbed into a vintage Reel to Reel tape machine for some warm Analog saturation."

Check the featured page, Loopmasters page, or sort by release date to see all the latest Packs available in the content store.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

iMPC Pro Log — Loops & Metadata

We have an update to iMPC Pro in the works. It will address some bugs (like the CloudSeeder latest feed), and also brings some new features. In the latest Pro Log, JP shows iMPC Pro taking advantage of the loop metadata found in Sound Packs from the content store:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

iMPC Classic sale celebrates launch of Content Store

Get in on the app that started it all — iMPC for iPad. It's $3.99 for a limited time. Grab it, and get a free Sound Pack from the AudioCopy Content Store.

Made with our friends at Akai Professional, iMPC is a beat-making powerhouse that focuses on the legendary workflow and feel that made MPC a legend. iMPC comes with more than 1200 samples including a huge library designed by sound design legend, Richard Devine. These sounds are exclusive to iMPC. Use it alongside iMPC Pro, synths and more inside Tabletop.

Further extend the iMPC sound library with Sound Packs from the Content Store. You'll find dozens of high quality Packs with loops and one-shots in the Content Store found in AudioCopy.

Eric shows how to paste in various iMPC apps in the latest How Do It: