Thursday, June 18, 2015

16 New Sound Packs Available Now!

Loopmasters adds 16 new Sound Packs!

Loopmasters just dropped a massive new set of Packs to the AudioCopy Content Store. Hundreds of royalty free sounds ready to use in your favorite iOS music production apps!

The new packs span several genres and styles — especially check out Nu Cumbia, which brings some fresh vibes to the Content Store

" exciting new sample collection straight from the heart of Latin America where heavily swung carnival rhythms merge with energetic club sounds to be played out in a psychedelic Dub arena!"

Genre-wide Sale!

To celebrate the release of the new Sound Packs, we're announcing the biggest sale ever for the Content Store! All Sound Packs in the "Trap" genre are on sale starting today! Get Trap Packs for 4.99 this week only. Sale ends Thursday, June 25.

Trap music combines rapid-fire snares with rolling 808 kicks, sub-bass and driving futuristic melodies. We could write more about it, but why don't you give it a listen on the Trap genre page? It's one of the most popular genres in the Content Store, so if you've been waiting to get your hands on some of the sounds, now's your chance!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Progress on Wej & schedule update

Last week we passed another big milestone on Wej. We finalized the circuit board layout, and we’re sending the board to the manufacturer (for those that are interested, you can download the eagle file for the layout and the schematic file). This means that we’ll have a final circuit board in hand soon to complete programming, testing and production.

Completing the layout is a big milestone! Dan marathons the final stages in this time-lapse.

Design update — more ports!
As we’ve finalized the electronics, we improved the design of Wej. The prototype we showed in the announcement video had two USB ports. You could use these for charging your iOS device or connecting a midi controller. The final version of Wej will have three USB ports. Two for USB MIDI, and one dedicated port for charging your iPad or iPhone. This makes Wej a more reliable base for controllers and iPad as you won’t have to choose between power and control. The case design is being refined as well.

Milestones and Estimated Ship Date
We’ve been making great progress on Wej, with 8 milestones completed. Here’s a look at the progress checklist:

Revisions to the electronics have taken a little longer than we planned, and we’re now predicting that we’ll be shipping Wej to pre-order customers in 3–5 Months. We’re working tirelessly to make Wej great, and we’ll keep you posted on our progress on the next 4 milestones.

Monday, June 8, 2015

WWDC Sale!

All Tabletop devices and bundles are 50% off during WWDC!

Everything on Tabletop is half off all week! This includes all the in-app purchasable devices and bundles. This is the biggest Tabletop sale we've ever done, so if you've been waiting to pick up a Tabletop device, now's a great time.

Monday, June 1, 2015

iMPC Pro 1.3. Sliced Loops and Time Stretching

Note: HOTFIX update for all CloudSeeder-enabled Apps
All CloudSeeder enabled apps (Tabletop, AudioCopy, iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and iMPC Pro) have an update that's available now. Download and install this update to get a critical fix that prevents a crash on launch due to a change in SoundCloud's API.

Free update to iMPC Pro adds Sliced Loops and Time Stretching!

The iPad beat production powerhouse by Akai Professional and Retronyms gets major new features. Version 1.3 adds support for Loop Slicing and Time Stretching. Also look for fixes to CloudSeeder and improved AudioCopy workflow.

Perform and Produce with Sliced Loops
iMPC Pro 1.3 supports time-stretchable loops on any Pads in your Programs. Drop a loop onto a Pad, and it will automatically match the tempo of your Sequence. Freely change pitch with 16 levels and note variation to perform with loops at different pitches and push it to the extreme for that killer ssstttrecching audio effect.

Loops from the Content Store are compatible, as is any .wav file with standard loop metadata (acidized). Plus create your own from any sample with the new improved Editor.

Sound Editor 1.3
In the updated Sound Editor, you’ll find a new tab. Next to trusty Trim and Chop to Pads is the brand new Slice Loop. Take any loop of audio, mark the beats, and your good to go with a sliced loop that will automatically match your Sequence tempo at any pitch! The choice is now yours — any sample can be Chopped to Pads or Loop Sliced. Plus open your favorite loops from the Content Store and chop them to pads in one tap.

Other fixes and improvements
Added "Paste All" — now you can paste entire folders from AudioCopy with one tap.
Fixed CloudSeeder "latest" feed.
Various bug fixes.
Improved integration with Content Store.

Tabletop Ready
Tabletop also gets some maintenance updates and compatibility with the slice loop format. Now you can slice loops and time stretch them to different tempos and pitches in the Tabletop Ready version of iMPC Pro. This version also adds compatibility with Loops from the Content Store. You can use sliced loops from purchased Content Packs inside Gridlock and iMPC Pro. Loops from Content Packs will automatically match the tempo of your Sessions.

iMPC The Honest Truth vol.9
In celebration of iMPC Pro 1.3, we proudly present iMPC The Honest Truth vol.9! A.K.A. the straight dope, it's a semi-regular collection of beats and songs from the iMPC Community. Curated by Baynbridge, this set has 30+ tracks posted straight from iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and iMPC Pro by talented producers and beat makers.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Debacle" Hackathon 2015 recap

Last week was Retronyms annual retreat/hackathon, affectionately referred to as the "Debacle". We made lots of great progress on AudioCopy, iMPC Pro, Wej, and more. Here's some highlights from youtube:

JP was making samples for a new AudioCopy Store Sound Pack... using AudioCopy :) Grabbing a bunch of samples in AudioCopy allows you to use them in any apps... convenient.

Louis shows of the latest progress on the Slice Loop feature in iMPC Pro. There's more info about this this in recent iMPC Pro Log videos. It's looking and sounding quite nice.

AudioCopy workflow is getting a big improvement — Locky shows off the Multi-paste feature coming soon to the SDK. You'll be able to paste entire folders of sounds with one tap. Slick!

There's more photos and posts from Debacle 2015 on our Facebook page. Stop by and say "hi".

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Phase84 on sale this week!

In honor of our 8th annual hackathon (affectionately referred to as the "Debacle"), Phase84 is half off this week! Get our next-generation phase distortion synth for just 6.99!

Every year, Retronyms holes up in a off-site location for a sprint of work (and some play too of course). It can be a bit crazy, but the Debacle is a long-running tradition for us, and some of our best products have gotten head starts here. Tabletop, iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and more all owe a lot to Debacle!

This year we're in Santa Cruz, CA — stay tuned for news and info about what we're up to!

View of the beach from the Debacle House, the gang getting up and running on day 1.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wej Schematic and live demo

In this episode of The Build, Dan talks about the development of Wej. Take a look at the "development guts" of Wej as Dan outlines the components he's been using to write the firmware. At 4:38, Louis appears to stress-test the setup with a wireless controller-driven solo.

Wej is a hackable wireless midi performance base iOS. Learn more!