Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Look at next Tabletop update

The next update to Tabletop improves performance and stability across the board. To showcase this, JP shows plays around with not one but two iMPC Pro's on an iPad 2

Tabletop 2.6 is in review now with Apple, and should be available soon! Subscribe to find out when it ships, and get more project updates from Retronyms.

Tabletop 2.6 also adds the final Tabletop Ready App from #summerofepic! More details an that soon!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

AudioCopy update

AudioCopy has a free update available now that improves upload to SoundCloud issues, various bug fixes, and makes some minor design tweaks to the iPhone version. Get it now, enjoy!

Thousands of people are posting great a capellas, rhymes, solos, and other clips to the CloudSeeder feed in AudioCopy! Check out the in-app CloudSeeder feed. Here are a few of our random favorites:

If you're enjoying AudioCopy, consider reviewing it on the App Store. Means a lot, thanks!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

iMPC Striking a New Chord

Apple.com has an inspiring feature up about Yaoband — musicians creating with iPad in Beijing. They're using tons of great apps including iMPC!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Welcome to AudioCopy!

Welcome, we hope you enjoy AudioCopy! It's a great way to record and post to SoundCloud, and there's a lot more you can do with it:

Use your sounds in other apps
Copy and Paste your sound in hundreds of compatible apps! For example, you can copy a loop from Figure, and Paste it in iMPC. Or record a guitar riff and paste it into Musyc. Get creative!

Powerful, easy editing
Did you know AudioCopy has a full-featured audio editor? Tap the pencil to trim, fade in/out, reverse, normalize and more!

AudioCopy Community
Check out what others are posting with AudioCopy. Check comments and likes on your own AudioCopy posts. CloudSeeder is the AudioCopy app community on SoundCloud.

Feedback and Help
Join the discussion on Facebook
Questions for SoundCloud? Check @SCsupport

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

iMPC Pro free update available now (v1.1)

Hello everyone, version 1.1 of iMPC Pro is available now as a free update. Below is a description of some of the important improvements.

iMPC Pro V 1.1 changes include:

- Trim endpoint saves and loads properly.
- Delete Sounds.
- Velocity for iMPC Element fixed.
- Added sound delete (drag to trash).
- Crash on set global for FX return and Master Fader fixed.
- Can now open and close precision mode controls while popover is active.
- Performance improvements on save and load sessions and sample edits.
- FX returns were moving some fader controls. This is fixed.
- iMPC Pro now registers as a InterApp Audio Instrument. Should sync better with Cubasis and other hosts.
- You can now drag pads across banks using multitouch. (eg: begin dragging pad, select bank b, drop pad)
- Various other small fixes and performance improvements.

I think this is going to be a great update.  I'm also really happy to have had a chance to build the new delete feature. We are now off to add some polish to Tabletop and finish our last project for #summerofepic! Stay tuned.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tabletop Update: iMPC Pro Compatibility

iMPC Pro dropped on Tuesday! Now a free update is available for Tabletop that adds iMPC Pro compatibility. Drop this beat making monster next to your favorite Tabletop devices — including original iMPC, Arturia iMini, XOX Drum Deranger, and 30 more!

iMPC Pro is the new app from the partnership between Akai Professional and Retronyms. It takes the foundation laid in iMPC and takes it to the next level. Check out the official video below, or catch up on the iMPC Pro Log series for in depth information.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

iMPC Pro MIDI Input Details

MPC Element is a great controller to use with iMPC Pro and iMPC. But its not the only way to control these apps. I’ve had a lot of success in my personal experience utilizing other controllers for mastery of all hardware/software in my live and studio setup. My go to software controller is Touch OSC. And as far as hardware goes, I like the Korg nanopad 2 and Arturia Beatstep.

I went ahead and included layouts for a couple popular hardware/software controllers i.e Korg Nano Pad 2 & Touch OSC, Arturia Beatstep, Arturia minilab. Download the layouts here.

If you’d like a hands on hardware experience using other controllers, see below for the scene mappings to send from whatever tools you are using.

For a given bank (say, bank A), the app's pads are arranged in a Grid:
A13  A14  A15  A16
A09  A10  A11  A12
A05  A06  A07  A08
A01  A02  A03  A04

Send note on/off messages on channel 10. The notes are laid out on the Grid like this:
C#4  G4   D#4  F4
C4   B3   A3   G3
E3   D3   A#3  G#3
C#3  C3   F#3  A#6  

Its worth noting that some proprietary editors create different standard octave numbers. For example C4 traditionally is note #60. But impc pro takes note #48 for C4. However in touch osc editor and other programs note #48 translates to C2.

So to control iMPC pads, make sure you are sending the following note numbers:
49   55   51   53
48   47   45   43
40   38   46   44
37   36   42   82

Also note when you plug in some equipment, it will trigger features like mute, etc. from ch. 1 on startup.

Other features in the app can be controlled with the following note on/off messages on channel 1:
Tap=         96   (C8)
Full Level=  39   (D#3)
16 Level=    40   (E3)
Undo=        53   (F4)
Erase=       09   (A0)
Note Repeat= 43   (G3)
Main=        48   (C4)
Rec=         67   (G5)
Overdub=     73   (C#6)
Stop=        81   (A6)
Play=        80   (G#6)
Play Start=  83   (B6)
Solo Track=  51   (D#4)
Mute Track=  50   (D4)
Track Down=  15   (D#1)
Track Up=    14   (D1)
Pad Bank=    49   (C#4)