Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Sound Packs from Loopmasters

Our friends at Loopmasters have been hard at work prepping new content, and we're excited to announce 8 new Sound Packs available today!

Featured Pack: Dark Neuro Drum & Bass

Loopmasters take you on a stomach churning adventure into the Dark world of Neuro Bass with a royalty free collection of Filthy Synths, Basses, Drums and Atmospheric Textures created especially for Drum & Bass producers looking for the nastiest and darkest sounds available.

Dark Neuro Drum & Bass has been created for Loopmasters exclusively by our resident producer of all things dark and twisted, Dan Larsson. Dan ups the ante with the full force of his studio weaponry being thrown into this collection with complex layering, FM synthesis, live sampling and plenty of internal and external audio twisting effects all used and abused in this ferocious DnB sample library.

Drum and Bass producers looking for the latest sounds smashing the dance floors today need to check out this collection, make sure you press play on the demo track and try the taster samples and then sample Dark Neuro Drum & Bass TODAY!

Featured Pack: Melbourne Bounce

Loopmasters proudly present an incredible collection of royalty free EDM loops and sounds inspired by the infectious Melbourne sound that has been rocking the biggest clubs around the world. Expect to find a lively combination of Dutch and Electro House synths combined with bouncing Psytrance bass lines and Hard EDM drums ready to rock the big festival stages.

Melbourne bounce has been produced exclusively for Loopmasters and features a wealth of sonic inspiration with over 200 Loops and almost 500 Single shot sounds. Producers should expect to hear Fat Bass Drops, Hard Crunchy Drums, Epic Musical Riffs, Monster Synth Builds, Twisted SFX and Tight Punchy One Shots with included patches for your favourite soft samplers.

Check out the demo and test drive the free to use taster samples from this collection and then get ready to sample the infectious sound of Melbourne Bounce TODAY!

... plus 6 more new Packs from Loopmasters

See all the newest Packs when you switch to the browse tab, then tap choose "sort by Release Date" in the upper right. You can also see some of the new packs on the featured section (home page) of the store. We hope you enjoy them!

Tips and Tricks: How to paste from AudioCopy in Cubasis

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

iMPC Sound Packs from Akai Pro now available

Our Friends at Akai Professional have put together a great selection of Sound Packs, ranging from soulful piano and guitar grooves to beatbox and vocoder loops.

These Packs work great in iMPC, iMPC for iPhone, and iMPC Pro — as always you can use Sound Packs from the Content Store in top music iOS apps like Launchpad, iMPC Pro, Tabletop, GarageBand, FL Studio, Cubasis, Auria, DM1 and hundreds more. Use the new "Open In" feature to open Sounds in practically any app. Drag your sounds to your desktop and use them anywhere — they are yours to use in creations in any tool you want.

Featured Pack: iMPC Trap City

iMPC Trap City offers iMPC/iMPCPro users brand new cutting edge sample’s instantly loadable inside your OS device. These sounds have been professionally engineered by world leading sound designers PrimeLoops, delivering outstanding sonic quality and slam to your Trap productions.

Featured Pack: iMPC RnB Keyz

iMPC RnB Keyz offers iMPC/iMPCPro users brand new cutting edge digitised samples in the style of professional Urban Rhodes licks and progressions. Load musical loops and chords inside your iOS device for instant pro production beat making. These Rhodes progressions have been professionally performed and recorded by world leading sound designers and session players at PrimeLoops, using the most cutting edge audio technology designed, delivering outstanding sonic quality and smoothness to your productions.

Find these Packs and more on the "Featured" page and the Akai Pro publisher page

Friday, December 19, 2014

Introducing Retronyms Content Store

The latest update for AudioCopy brings several improvements. In addition to bug fixes and much faster launch time, you'll find a Content Store with dozens of Sound Packs you can use in your creations.

Sound Packs contain music Loops and Samples that you can use in hundreds of AudioCopy-compatible apps. Plus you can open in other audio and music apps — iOS and beyond.

You can use Sound Packs from the Content Store in top music iOS apps like Launchpad, iMPC Pro, Tabletop, GarageBand, FL Studio, Cubasis, Auria, DM1 and hundreds more. Use the new "open in" feature to open Sounds in practically any app. And of course drag your sounds to your desktop and use them anywhere at all — they are yours to use in creations in any tool you want.

Packs span many genres with content created by an amazing producer lineup. We've partnered with leading publisher of royalty free content, Loopmasters. Take the store for a spin and listen for yourself.

First one's on us!

Unlock a free Sound Pack when you register AudioCopy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Phase84: next gen Tabletop Ready Synth

Phase84 is a next generation phase distortion synthesizer. It fuses gritty digital sounds with traditional analog punch.

Phase84 is an extremely capable synthesizer and features over 110 presets, containing all sorts of basses, leads, pads, bell tones, sweeps, atmospheric sounds, pseudo-realistic tones, and more. While you don't need to know much about synthesizers to get a lot out of Phase84, experienced synth tweakers will be thrilled at the sheer variety of unique sounds that can be produced with this incredibly versatile synth.

Phase84 is what's known as a Phase Distortion synthesizer. This form of waveshaping synthesis has its roots in Casio’s brilliant CZ line of digital synthesizers from the 80s. It is designed to have the warmth of a subtractive (analog) synthesizer, yet be capable of the squelchy tones and sharp attacks of an FM synth. Phase84 in particular can create warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, filthy sweeps, screaming leads, and anything in-between.

For those familiar with the typical Moog-like (or iMini-like!) synthesis, think of the "shaper" as being synonymous with "brightness" or "filter cutoff”.

– More than 100 presets.
– MIDI support.
– Inter-App Audio support.
– Advanced Keyboard section.
– Expressive Perform Mode with expressive 2-axis controllers
– Groove Gate editable amp and shaper patterns.
– Precision Knob mode.
– Phat, naturalistic unison feature for super thick pads and sweeps.
– Oscillator Section: 9 Params, 2 General-Purpose Oscillators, 1 Formant Oscillator.
– Mix Section: 8 Params including Delay Amount and Pulse Width.
– Envelope Section: Amplitude and Shaper Envelopes.
– Fully visualized and interactive ADSR plus special Fade Param.
– Delay/Filter Section: Stereo delay with loss modeling and a punchy overdriven analog-style filter.
– 3 LFOs: More flexible than your average LFO, this has 4 waveforms, optional delay and repeat count, and can go into the audible frequency range.
– Tabletop Ready App.

Other updates for Retronyms and Arturia Apps:

Tabletop (update now!):
– Phase84 support.
– CloudSeeder "latest" feed fixed.
– Various bug and stability fixes.

iProphet (update now!):
– Updated Audiobus to 2.1.5
– Updated for iOS8
– Fixed MIDI channel selector not showing devices in some cases.
– Fixed mismatched 3rd oscillator on preset load.
– Fixed an issue where turning the Frequency knobs all the way to the right would act as if it was at 0.
– Added custom preset delete.

iMini (update in review for App Store):
– Updated Audiobus to 2.1.5.
– Updated for iOS 8.
– Added MIDI channel selector.
– Added precision knob mode.
– Added custom preset delete.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lastest look at Phase84 Synth

Retronyms Youtube subscribers have been following along with the development process of Phase84 — the new Phase Distortion synthesizer coming soon from Retronyms. Check out the Phase84 playlist:

Subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep up with all that we're working on:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Upcoming Tabletop Ready Synth: Phase 84

If you've been watching The Build, you've probably seen Louis talking about Phase84 (originally introduced as codename digits). Phase84 is a new Tabletop Ready synthesizer by Retronyms. It's a phase distortion synth with some unique design qualities, and we think it will really add to your sonic palette!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Introducing Wej. Wireless MIDI base.

Wej is a non-skid performance platform that lets you connect your USB controllers to your iOS music apps wirelessly over the new Apple Bluetooth LE MIDI protocol. Plus it features super bright multicolor LEDs that dance in time to the music.

Wej needs you! With your help, we're looking to gather enough pre-orders to support building Wej. Save 20% and get Wej for just $99.00 if you order before November 7. Visit

Connect your controllers to Wej, and it will transmit their MIDI messages wirelessly to your iPad. Expand your iOS studio with keyboards, drum pads, fader banks, sequencers, and more. Wej uses Apple's Bluetooth Midi protocol introduced in iOS 8, providing a fast wireless bridge. Wej is compatible with any app that supports this protocol.

Wej is powered. Use it to charge any USB device, including your iPhone or iPad (even while it's connected to a controller). Supply enough juice to run power-hungry USB music gear.

Use Wej to add ambiance to your studio or serve as an ultra-portable light show with its bank of programmable multicolor LEDs.

Customize your animated light patterns with the Wej Control App. It's a Tabletop Ready app that integrates seamlessly with Retronyms software and works with anything that supports Apple's Inter-App Audio standard on iOS.

Open Source and Hackable

Built with open source in mind. The core of Wej is an Arduino application processor. Download our open-source sketch and hack away at it. Learn more at