Thursday, February 16, 2017

Free your sounds.

Create anywhere at any time. 

AudioCopy lets you copy and paste sound to or from hundreds of compatible apps. You can record, edit, and share your sounds no matter where you are. It's a production tool that fits in your pocket.

 Need some inspiration? We've got you covered. Every weekend we feature sound packs that cover a wide array of genres and producers like Akai Professional and Loopmasters. This weekend, both Trap U and CAPSUN Trap are featured and on sale.

We have one goal in mind here at Retronyms: to make music. We hope that you'll share yours with us. Our favorite messages are always from users sharing their creativity with us. Be sure to tag us for a chance to be featured on one of our channels.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cheers to the weekend.

Create your future. 

The latest Hook enhanced sound pack from Loopmasters is ideal for fans of Slushii, Flume, San Holo, Marshmello, The Chainsmokers and more. Future Bass Generation is a killer collection, destined to streamline your sound and uplift anyone who's listening. One of our smoothest synth packs, Violet Groove, is on sale for this weekend at just $0.99. Mix and match the sounds to create endless combinations.

In case you missed it. 

Last weekend we debuted two new iMPC Pro Packs. These two latest packs are built to inspire and provide building blocks to manipulate, twist and chop to create your own, fresh sound.

Akai ProfessionalCAPSUN ProAudio & Loopmasters present Lo Fi Soul and Future Beats, capturing the classic soul and magic of lo-fi sampling, analogue synths and drum machines. Akai also collaborated with MVP Loops to bring you Hook City Trap and Soul Edition, a follow up to the hit iMPC Pro Pack, Hook City.

Now's your chance. 

Still not sure if you want to try Hook? Since the launch of this live DJ mashup workstation, it's been a free app on iPhone. That is changing next week. Now's your chance to download Hook for iPhone before the price increases.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's an iMPC weekend.

iMPC Pro Packs will work in any compatible app including Garageband, Launchpad, Tabletop and more. They also have enhanced features for iMPC Pro. If you AudioPaste iMPC Pro Packs into iMPC Pro, you’ll get a set of Programs that are designed exclusively for iMPC Pro with the proper layout and parameters. 

These two latest iMPC Pro Packs are built to inspire and provide building blocks to manipulate, twist and chop to create your own, fresh sound.

Akai Professional, CAPSUN ProAudio & Loopmasters present Lo Fi Soul and Future Beats, capturing the classic soul and magic of lo-fi sampling, analogue synths and drum machines. Experimental future beats laced with loosely quantized rhythms, rich warm pads, sub-heavy basslines and soulful chops. With a sound based around experimentation and the concept of combining elements of different genres, influences can be heard including Chill TrapFuture RnB, Ambient and nods to classic J Dilla style Hip-Hop and Soul production.

Akai Professional & MVP Loops present Hook City Trap and Soul Edition, following up on the hit iMPC Pro Pack, Hook City. This product is incredible featuring the vocals of LA super recording artist Rudina Haddad, along with the amazing sounds that all have been summed and tweaked to give you the sound you have come to expect from MVP. Hook City Trap and Soul Edition comes suited for your needs no matter how you like to produce. From live instruments to filter pads and hard hitting drums this product is a winner. Mix and match the sounds to create endless combinations. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's not just a Phase.

We were lucky enough to interview the author of Phase84, our native hack master, Louis, about this distortion synth. He shared his thoughts with us below. 

"I’m always intrigued by unorthodox forms of synthesis. I’m especially interested when they play to the strengths of digital sound synthesis rather than being an emulation of analog gear (which, of course, is also interesting but in a different way). But, in order to explain the origins of Phase84, we’ll have to flash back to the 80s."

"In the early 80s, Casio came up with a form of synthesis called Phase Distortion to compete with the popular Yamaha FM synths like the DX7 that were taking the music world by storm. These Yamaha FM synths were among the first affordable digital synthesizers and they had a sharp tone that was unusual at the time. But while Phase Distortion has its similarities with FM, it is noticeably warmer sounding and easier to program. The sound of Phase Distortion exists somewhere in the space between traditional analog subtractive synths like the Minimoog and Yamaha’s chilly plucky FM tones. Casio’s resulting CZ synth line found use on albums from a diverse list of artists from Moby to Jean-Michel Jarre to They Might Be Giants."

"I’ve always had a soft spot for these synths, first playing around with one at a demoparty in 1998 down in San Diego, California. They had their own sound and their own vibe, but they hadn’t been produced since the 80s. Eventually I began thinking: what would a modern Phase Distortion synth be like? Phase84 takes the basic Phase Distortion technique and supercharges it. The user can customize their waveforms much more than on the original Casio CZs. An organic semi-randomized unison mode helps it produce killer pads. The oscillators can be FM’d together for even more complex and rough tones, or phased using pulse-width modulation. Three ultra-flexible LFOs can go into the audio range or even be used like additional envelopes. And dare I mention the live performance features and the uniquely customizable gate for maximum funkitude?"

"Phase84 was a lot of fun to write. I’d almost say it was a dream project to bring my own riff on a classic design to the iPad, and I hope you enjoy it too."

Phase84 is on sale this weekend for only $2.99. We share Louis' same dream – that you'd reach max funkitude while you pursue creative expression.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Break in 2017 with us.

Our First Feature of the Year.

Loopmasters present Mid Tempo Beats & Breaks by Featurecast, an amazing collection of hi-energy bass and spanking breaks! He’s had plaudits from the likes of Krafty Kuts, DJ Yoda, Z-Trip and shows alongside De La Soul, Mark Ronson, DJ Fresh, Wilkinson, the Stanton Warriors and many more.

Inside this Hook-enhanced pack you’ll find loops and one shots for all your breakbeat needs. 50 loops are included, featuring rasping bass, filthy drums, funky guitars, shimmering tops, killer FX and more. 50 one shots give you booming drum hits, bass, synths and FX. It's time to make some noise for Featurecast and his unique brand of funked-up breaks.

Like what you hear? Check out these other packs. 

This Is Awesome. 

"One thing I always try to do is convey an emotion with each beat I make." - Vherbal Beats

As always with Vherbal, expect pristine samples and grooves with killer strings, pianos, distorted guitar, crunchy drums, and more. Presented by Retronyms and Vherbal, check out This is Hip Hop for just $1.99 this weekend.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The sounds of 2016.

We appreciate you.

Throughout this year, we worked to improve both the developer and user experience of AudioCopy. We updated the AudioCopy SDK twice, improved stability, fixed a few bugs, and added the convenience feature to let you swipe on any folder or sound pack to delete it. Don't forget to update AudioCopy to Version 3.4.1!

2016 was an exciting year in the Content Store, with over 40 new sound packs released. With the summer launch of Hook for iPad and iPhone came the introduction of Hook-enhanced sound packs in AudioCopy. These packs are designed to lay out perfectly when they're pasted into Hook. We took a look at your 10 favorite packs and we're excited about the results.

1. AraabMusik
2. Hook City
3. Urban Roulette
4. This is Hip Hop
5. Chronic Sounds
6. Sound Mob
7. Organic Electronics
8. Melodic Horizons
9. Alia Lock
10. Underground Legendz

We're offering all 10 of these packs for 50% off until December 31st, 11:59 PST. We're thankful for you and your support this year. Thank you for using AudioCopy to record, share, and copy/paste audio in 100's of compatible apps on iOS. We're excited for what 2017 will bring.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

An offer for our iMPC community.

We are thankful for you and your support. 

We want to celebrate 2016 by giving you the chance to win an Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII 25-Key USB MIDI Controller. Follow the directions here for details on how to enter the giveaway.

In February, we released Version 1.5 of iMPC Pro. This update included a ton of awesome features, including: MIDI learn, so you can map your controller more easily; Slice Loop Auto Mode, which detects transient markers; and improvements to MPC Desktop Export, so you can export slice loops as patch phrases, among other options.

iMPC Pro Version 1.5 includes tight AudioCopy integration with an updated SDK. We also introduced 9 new iMPC Pro Packs in the AudioCopy Content Store this year.

iMPC Pro Packs can be used in hundreds of compatible apps, can be pasted in Garageband, and exported to use in desktop apps. The real magic is when an iMPC Pro Pack is pasted into iMPC Pro, as these packs are specifically tailored for the app. Looking for some new music? All iMPC Pro Packs are 50% off for just a few more days.