Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Exclusive offer for you – introducing iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone. ✨

Take your music to unprecedented levels. 🎶🎧 

We've collaborated with Akai Professional again to bring you the greatest beatmaking app for your iPhone. iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone is available for preorder now on The App Store. You won't want to miss this preorder price – it'll never be this low again.

iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone includes all of the beloved features of its iPad counterpart, including vocal tracks, support for Audio Units, and a sleek new design. Producers can record, arrange, and edit directly within the app’s multitrack environment.

The app features an incredible new library of built in sounds! Designed exclusively for iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone to give you the best user experience possible. Users who already own the built in content from the original iMPC Pro 2 can easily import each of their five Sound Packs to iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone, as well as pick up an additonal three Sound Packs.

Friday, September 14, 2018

DJ Puzzle x iMPC Pro Packs

We're thrilled to announce DJ Puzzle's latest Sound Pack, Low Key Blazers, the first ever Retronyms label iMPC Pro Pack. DJ Puzzle is responsible for some of the freshest sounds in the Content Store, and if you remember, he was our Looperverse theme creator! He really takes things to the next level around here.

This Sound Pack features deep chords, basses, kicks, snares, and more. It's a refreshing addition to our trap and hip hop genres, and we think it pairs well with our existing iMPC Pro Packs. Drop it into iMPC Pro 2 or Hook and see what you can create. We're always interested in listening to your music. Be sure to tag us on social media for a chance to be featured! 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Beta Testers Wanted!

Coming Soon... 

We're about to release a new app and we want to make sure it's sleek and sexy. That's where you come in. We'd love to have you help us test it, and we want to hear your honest feedback.
Interested in getting early access? Apply to be a beta tester here.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Exclusive deals for our users

Our friends at Akai Professional are happy to share the latest version of MPC Desktop with you, Version 2.2 is live now! This version includes support for all MIDI controllers. It's perfect for your next sound production adventure. 

The latest version of the acclaimed composition software features audio track recording, real-time audio warping, Audio and MIDI drag-and-drop, along with enhanced Q-Link control.

Save over 50% on MPC Desktop  with promo code  IMPC2MPC

Need inspiration? Our extensive collection of Sound Packs from Akai Professional is full of creative samples for you. From producers like Tim Kelley, AraabMuzik, and RAWCRATEZ, we're confident that you'll find just the thing you're looking for.

We're offering 5 iMPC Pro Packs for free as well. Try them out! 
Melodic Horizons Vegas Festival Urban Roulette 
Sound Mob The Vault 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Debacle 2018 starts NOW.

We're heading back to Tahoe for this year's Debacle–a time where memes and coffee fuel everyone on our team for an entire week. We work hard, we play hard, and we get things done. 

Last winter, we made iMPC Pro 2 at the Debacle. Some of your favorite apps like Looperverse and Tabletop have also been Debacle focuses. It's our favorite trip and we make magic happen. 

Any guesses as to what we're working on this year?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts... :) 

Here are some highlights from the 2017 Debacle. While we're gone this week, send us your favorite memes! We need all the inspiration we can get. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

🎹Urban beats and synth vibes await you. 🎶

Out of this world. 👽

As an artist, your vision is unique

You bring something important to the table, and we want to hear what you create. Your vision is what makes your songs recognizable.

It's all you. Here's our latest piece of inspiration for you and your work.

This collection of loops is brought to you by Vherbal, the producer responsible for the beloved Rap Genius and Boom Bap All Stars.

Each volume of the Urban Alien series brings finesse and edge, inspiring you to take your music to the next level. We're constantly updating the Content Store. Have suggestions on genres? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Keep us where the light is. ✨

Eburnean is a collection of loops designed to showcase how the natural world and the digital representation of our world intersect.

There is both a light and a darkness in this intersection, and each of these these Sound Packs explore the human response to the beauty of this dichotomy.

We are in the dawn of the digital age, and there is still so much to discover. In order to fully realize our potential as artists and creators, we need the darkness to showcase the light.

Eburnean is a story of welcoming both light and darkness in with open arms. It's about fully embracing the ever-complicated and ever-messy now of our lives. We want to see beauty, remember it, and use it as creative fuel.

You can preview some of these loops in the Content Store now:
Eburnean Volume 1
Eburnean Volume 2
Eburnean Volume 3
Eburnean Volume 4

From the artist: 
"These 4 loop packs and the aforementioned album were created simultaneously over the course of the month. The sonic characteristics in these musical works explore both multifaceted light and dark places with corresponding electronic and acoustic instruments." 

Experience the album visually by watching the Eburnean story unfold in a series of photos that showcase the light from dawn to dusk.