Friday, October 21, 2016

Kick back and create with a new #FreshFriday pack + 2 weekend sales! 💥

Kinetic Drum & Bass is here for #FreshFriday!

Loopmasters present Lynx Kinetic Drum and Bass - a full-throttle collection of royalty-free samples from a sure-shot maverick of Drum and Bass. You’ll find the heart of Drum and Bass pulsating throughout this pack of Kinetic energy – with 50 Loops and 50 one shots of earth-shattering bass, hearty drum beats and tripped out FX. You’ll also find old school inspired elements including Pianos, Strings, Synths, Arps, Stabs and (the industry favorite) Reece Bass.
Lynx is never afraid to break the mold, whilst staying true to his own signature style. His funk-fuelled sets have gained a reputation for breaking stereotypes as well as dance floors and, like his productions, appeal to clubbers across the spectrum.
Kinetic Drum and Bass storms out of the speakers 171-175 BPM – making it standard issue for Drum & Bass, Jungle, as well as Hardcore and other hi-octane genres. Proof, if proof be needed, that his sound is not only fresh but diverse. Lynx engineers and shapes the sound of Drum and Bass for producers across the board!

This is Hip Hop is on sale for $2.99!

Vherbal pays homage to the kings of Hip Hop, and brings you loops and sounds in the style of hall of famer producers. Inspired by the likes of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dre, Madlib — these sounds will find a place in any Boom Bap production.

As always with Vherbal, expect pristine samples and grooves with killer strings, pianos, distorted guitar, crunchy drums, and more. Presented by Retronyms and Vherbal, check out This is Hip Hop for just $2.99 this weekend only.

Now's your chance to create with Hook for iPad!

It's true. Hook for iPad is on sale this week! This app is the perfect weekend companion!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Explore your weekend possibilities with us! 🎧🎹

A bit of 80's nostalgia + a lot of synth = a new #FreshFriday release! 

Loopmasters present Synth Explorer DX7, a sound pack featuring a wealth of loop and one shot samples that play homage to its 80’s heritage. The Yamaha DX7 is an FM (Frequency Modulation) digital synth and was manufactured from 1983 to 1989. The DX became the first commercially successful digital synth and featured in hundreds of productions from Electro Pop, Jazz, Rock and early 90s House music. It, in fact, seemed to be everywhere.

It is most famous for its Electric Piano, Bells, Plucked and Percussive Sounds, but the complex way the sounds are shaped with multiple Sine Waves modulating each other using 32 different algorithms meant that the sound design possibilities were huge.

The collection features an inspiring range of 50 loops at 100-120BPM and 50 one shots covering a wide sonic palate including Chunky Bass and Metallic Melodies, Classic Stabs and Chords, Digital Pads, Crunchy Percussion and Twisted SFX. Explore your creativity with Synth Explorer DX7 this weekend!

You won't want to be caught without this pack! 

We can't get enough of Colin Yarcke's breakbeat lead mid-tempo dark funk infused, brass tinged jewelry heist samples! Between Jailbreak and last week's Funky Dream, we're sure Colin's composition and sound design will have you creating for weeks to come. You know what they say, what you seize is what you get. Jailbreak is just $0.99 this weekend - it's a steal, really.


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Friday, October 7, 2016

WEEKEND GIVEAWAY | We're getting funky this #FreshFriday!

Instant Happiness!

Who remembers his adventures in funk? We decided to celebrate by giving away a FREE download of Phase84 + a FREE sound pack of your choice to one of our lucky Instagram followers. Follow us and be entered to win!

Headbang your way into the weekend!

Taking you on a cosmic journey of sound - Drum and Bass Neuro Science is the epicenter of oncoming sonic warfare! Packed with big basslines, potent drum beats, warped FX and modified synth darkness - Loopmasters bring you the best in urban-industrial bass!

Drum and Bass Neuro Science comes direct fro the underworld laboratory of Dan Larson – and features 100 individual samples including 50 Loops & 50 One Shots - all the Bass, Drums, Synths and FX you need to rip up the sound system! Delivered at 174BPM, you have all the content you need for Drum & Bass, Jungle, and other high-octane genres.

This pack is designed to work great in Hook — Live DJ and Mashup Workstation! When you drag the pack to the stage, Hook will lay it out perfectly, making it easy to start DJing with it. 

This is what dreams are made of!

What do you call a psychedelic trip with funk music?

... Uh we have no idea, but this week's Retronyms sale pack is called Funky Dream!

In all seriousness, this pack features electric guitar, bass and dynamic drums that are reminiscent of disco funk. Produced by Colin Yarck who's done tons of incredible creative work in composition and sound design, think of this pack as a cross section between Brick House and Marvin Gaye. Funky mid-tempo, dusty, soul infused, discofunk samples at 112 BPM. If you're into that sort of thing, then Funky Dream is what you're looking for - just $0.99 this weekend.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Soak up the last bit of summer with a new #FreshFriday pack + a crazy awesome sale!

Chill Trap iMPC Pro Pack New Release!

Akai Professional and Loopmasters present Chill Trap – a brand new sample collection for iMPCPro of harmonic Trap and Musical Electronica, featuring Chilled-out Trap Beats, Dreamy Pads, Soothing Bass aimed directly at Chill Trap, Downtempo and Ambient producers. 

Chill Trap steps aside from the louder heavier side of the Trap genre to explore the more musical side of the genre. This pack has been professionally designed to work seamlessly with your iMPC Software on your iOS device, allowing instance access to all samples created into unique iMPCPro programs perfectly assigned for MPC’s classic 16 Pad layout. Incorporate Chill Trap into your collection for $4.99. 

90% OFF Patchwork Indie Electronic this weekend only! 

We know a couple of boys from Indiana who love making music. They call themselves Patchwork, and they capture the midwestern indie sound just right. Let us tell you why... out of the 195 loops and 22 one shots in this sound pack, there are 98 vocal loops from three different vocalists and all the drums, guitar, and keys you'll need. Enjoy the last of summer bliss with Patchwork Indie Electronic for only $.99 this weekend. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

We're about that Future Groove life 👾 |New #FreshFriday Pack and a Weekend Sale!

Groovy New Hook-Enhanced Pack for #FreshFriday!

Loopmasters present Future House Foundation – a stunning collection of House sounds and loops with all the elements required to build your own Future House production. Everything here is 100% royalty-free for you to use in your tracks – with Drums, Bass, Synths and FX galore! Future House Foundation has 50 loops & 50 One Shots with Warming Bass, Chunky Drums, Space-age Synths, Lush Vocals and more! At tempos between 120-128BPM Future House Foundation is ideal for all forms of House, as well as Breaks, EDM and Techno. Build the future now for only $7.99!

Hook-Enhanced Sound Pack

This pack is designed to work great in Hook — Live DJ and Mashup Workstation! When you drag the pack to the stage, Hook will lay it out perfectly, making it easy to start DJing with it. 

Save Some Gold - Rainbowland Pack is 80% off! 

Just in case you missed this new Pack from Colin Yark, it's full of crunchy live drums, wonky synth basslines, and killer FX. Perfect for your latest Hook remix, or iMPC Pro production. Back up your latest garageband track or Tabletop composition! Rainbowland has 54 One Shots, and 46 Loops across 6 tracks. Experience nature's funkiest wonder for only $.99 this weekend. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

It's time to go Deep #FreshFriday

Loopmasters presents Deep Impressions – a sonic exploration of House featuring chunky bass frequencies, lush musical elements and a solid bed of drums. Every element is 100% royalty free, giving you Loops, Hits and Sampler patches to create an ocean of production grooves.

Direct from the Loopmasters ocean laboratory Deep Impressions comes loaded with full fat bass loops, tasty drums, smooth music loops, sweet vocals, pro percussion and steaming FX. Musical elements are key-labelled so you can find the perfect mix, with percussion and FX loops to submerge the production -with chords, synths, keys and leads ready for deployment. Drums are provided as Full Loops as well as layered versions to give you the flexibility and freedom to build the track the way you want it.

At a solid 123BPM, Deep Impressions gives you the perfect tonic for House, Deep House, Progressive, Future House and more.

Sample Diggers looking for the latest Deep House samples are advised to check out this incredible collection!

Introducing Hook-Enhanced Sound Packs
This pack is designed to work great in Hook — Live DJ and Mashup Workstation! When you drag this pack to the stage, Hook will Lay it out perfectly making it easy to start DJing with it.

Weekend Sale — Alia Lock is 60% off!

This weekend only, get the Ethereal, hazy summer, dusty chopped hop samples of Alia Lock for a Tier 2 price (1.99 USD)!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dark Parallax: new iMPC Pro Pack

Dark Parallax: new iMPC Pro Pack available today!

AKAI Pro and Multi Platinum Producer/Sound Designer "Snipe Young" is proud to present an incredible new product for your iMPC Pro, DARK PARALLAX.  Developed exclusively from the ground-up by Snipe Young whose production credits include many of the top artists. Dark Parallax delivers a collection of 8 breath taking kits taking from the MPC version featuring the highest quality collection of processed drums and melodics, transforming your production to a whole new level. Inspiration starts here. Available now for $7.99 in the AudioCopy Content Store.

Sound Development Process

MPC is known for its groove and gritty feel so I decided to create kits for both MPC and iMPC Pro with chunky textures, dark progressions, and tingly toppings. The Dark Parallax title gave me the canvas so using the definition of parallax ("the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.") to define how I approached the colours I used.

The word "view" stuck out to me and the second definition of the term (parallax) dealt with celestial things, so I felt a Drakish vibe with voices saturated in different ambiances would be fitting. The drums are like a modern vintage boom trap bap sound where it's not too trap and not too bap!

I used a ton of live drums and percussion in this pack and treated them like electronic colours instead of traditional acoustics. Although the drums deliver acoustic vibes they have been morphed with electronic sounds in sort of a hybrid manner. If you're a gear head you will love to hear this, every sound was treated with outboard gear such as the:

500 series, SSL EQ611 (E series), SSL DYN611 (E series), Neve 1073 LBEQ, API 527, SPL TDX Transient Designer, Focusrite Red 1 500, SMPRO Tube Box, SMPRO MBC 502, SMPRO PEQ 505, DBX 160

Other Outboard Hardware: UA 6176, Focusrite ISA One, API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor

In this pack I wanted to capture the analogue approach with digital thoughts. The inbox processing was done with the Slate Digital Plugins to keep the vibe in the same realm. Slate plugins allowed me to maintain the atmosphere that I created outside the box and lastly I had to warm everything with the Virtual Tape Machine.

As an iMPC user you will gain a ton of well processed samples that will give you that authentic MPC feel inside iMPC, chunky snares, big kicks, glassy live hats, thick live toms, and plenty of loops to get your next track going.
Introducing iMPC Pro Packs
iMPC Pro Packs will work in any compatible app including Garageband, Launchpad, Tabletop and more. They also have enhanced features for iMPC Pro. If you AudioPaste iMPC Pro Packs into iMPC Pro, you'll get a set of Programs that are designed exclusively for iMPC Pro with the proper layout and parameters.

Will iMPC Pro Packs work in Looping apps like Hook?
Yes, however, most of the content focuses on one-shot samples. Most iMPC Pro Packs include 2-4 Loops per kit (see content list below for more information).

Content List:
Size 95 MB
Price $ 7.99
Digital Download

Included Content:
8 x iMPC Pro Drum Kits
169 Samples
29 Loops

Drum Program List
600 Degrees Kit
Apes Kit
Baps Kit
Geometric Kit
Grizzly Kit
KingsMan Kit
Open Valley Kit
Quenched Kit

Bank B 808 Pitched Bass
Bank C Stab Collection

Bank D Percussion Collection