Friday, September 20, 2019

Our Darkest Trap Pack Yet 💀

Introducing Psychopath Trap: our darkest trap pack yet. It's a combination of 26 head-turning loops, and 23 heart-stopping one hits. Particularly striking elements of this pack are its dark melodic loops, heavy-hitting bass lines, and unnerving percussion effects that let you create terrifying trap.

Doctor's Orders: Get Psychopath Trap right now in the content store!

Dark Trap Weekend Sale

Continuing in the vein of sinister trap, Dark Trap is half off this weekend. Get lost in murky, black beats, and smokey melodies, which include 56 loops and 50 one shots. Mix Dark Trap with Psychopath trap and the result is something truly horrifying.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Collect Effect: The French-Indie Sound Pack

Collect Effect: The French-Indie Sound Pack

This #FreshFriday we're happy to bring Collect Effect to your fingertips, a French inspired indie sound pack.

The uptempo pack has plenty of high-speed drum beats, grooving electric bass samples, and an unmistakable indie-electric style.

What's more, the pack has bright synths, electric guitar loops, and even a harpsichord! Layered French vocals tie the pack together and give it a character unlike any other.

The pack's 57 loops and 50 one hits are sure to add provocative elements to your music making.

Experience the energy of Collect Effect today in the Content Store!

Weekend Sound Pack Sale

This weekend, Stella Rock is only $0.99! The guitar-driven indie pack has the same creator as Collect Effect, but is completely unique. Make sure to pick up both to mix-and-match sounds. Au revoir!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Infamous Sound Pack Up For Grabs 😈

Murder Beats with the New Midwest Madness Sound Pack

The infamous sound pack that caused me to dump water on my computer and kill it is now available on the content store. Lucky you!

Midwest Madness was crafted in Toledo, Ohio, and is heavily influenced by the region's hip-hop scene.

The pack's 53 loops and one hits contain a diversity of low-fi and hi-fi textures, with killer melodies and obscure percussion.

Jump into the intensity of Midwest Madness today in the Content Store.

Weekend Sound Pack Sale

Save some cash this weekend with the latest sale. Dope Dubs is just $0.99 for three days only! That's less than 72 hours to get a premium Loopmasters sound pack originally priced at $7.99.


Disclaimer: Retronyms is not in whole or in part responsible for any damage to your device when creating with Midwest Madness 😉

Friday, August 30, 2019

Splash Sale for #FreshFriday 🌊

There's good news, and there's bad news.

Hey, Jordan the Sound Pack Guy here. The bad news is, I accidentally splashed some water on my computer after jamming out too hard to the latest sound pack in production. The computer is in the shop, so there won't be a new sound pack coming out this Friday. Note to self: electronics, water, and dancing don't mix.

The good news is, we're having a Splash Sale all weekend! Five packs from Loopmasters will be half off until Monday. My computer dies, and you get an awesome sale. Not bad, huh?

Liquid Trap: A pleasing and professional-grade trap pack with long loops, versatile one hits, and soulful grooves. It's trap with a smoother, more liquid feel. This is a great pack for beginners and for the more experienced. 

Turf Smoke: Crisp and cutting beats that bring a smoky vibe to your creativity. Warning: smoke may be produced from your device by its jazzy stylings and intense drum loops.

Robotica: Drum & Bass created in a lab by a mysterious producer. Tons of glitchy, robotic sounds litter this pack and make you feel like you are at a rave in a malfunctioning computer.

Retro Wave: Return to the '80s with these synth-heavy New Wave sounds. This pack has some incredible classic drum sounds and dreamy synths that I personally love.

Bass Funk: A crossover between '70s funk and disco, dubstep, and a glitchy computer. It's got killer vocal hooks, quality breaks, and everything you need to pump up the night.

Each of these packs have 100 loops and one hits, and are only $3.99 instead of their regular price of $7.99. Don't miss your chance to get these packs at their lowest price ever. Check 'em out today in the Content Store!


Friday, August 23, 2019

Lyrical Legends Sound Pack

Happy #FreshFriday 🎶

Join us this Fresh Friday for a new hook enhanced hip-hop sound pack!

Lyrical Legends Brings a Voice to Your Sound 🎶

Ethereal melodies, hip-hop grooves, and murky bass lines highlight this week's sound pack.

Grimy drums, confidently lyrical hip-hop scratches, and a midwestern feel give Lyrical Legends an unforgettable character.

Jump into Lyrical Legends' bold feel today in the Content Store.

Rap Genius on Sale!

For this weekend only, Rap Genius is 60% off! Created by the same producer as Lyrical Legends, Rap Genius takes you back to the 90's New York Rap scene.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Fireland Sound Pack 🔥

#FreshFriday is Back 🎶

After a short break, we're back with #FreshFriday! Look forward to sound packs coming out more frequently in the content store, and get ready to make some fresh beats.

Find your flame with Fireland, our newest sound pack 🔥

Fireland is a combination of visceral breakbeats, pristine melodies, and dark bass lines.

Together, these sounds make a whole greater than the sum of its parts, and light up the imagination of the listener and the producer. Its mid-tempo electro-hop flavor is sure to heat up your workflow.

Fireland isn't a typical collection of sounds. It's a quirky, surprising, and delightful mixture of outstanding textures.

Jump into Fireland's mystery today in the Content Store.

Weekend Sale

For this weekend only, Slo-Fi Sessions is 40% off! Enjoy lo-fi sounds produced by Raw Cutz. This is a great sound pack to pair with Fireland.

Monday, July 22, 2019

The Beat: William Russ

In The Beat we check out producers who craft beats with our apps. Join us today to find out about William Russ, a producer, father, and actor from Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.

William Russ been making hip-hop beats since after secondary school and played a lead role in Edge of the Knife , a film with a script completely in the endangered Haida language recounting a traditional story. Since the film's premiere in September, it has won several awards in Canada, and internationally. Although there are many musician/actors, William's story is different than most-- he grew up on a Native reservation in British Columbia, Canada called Haida Gwaii. The Haida people have an ancient and rich culture which has informed William's art since childhood. I had the opportunity to chat with William about his inspirations and recent work.

First, I wanted to know how Haida culture affected his music writing. William told me, "Haida culture has four rules that one must follow, Respect, Ask First, Make It Right, and Everything Depends On Everything Else. So, all acts must be done with respect, all acts must be done with consent, if an act is not done with respect or consent, or is witnessed, you must make it right, and take only what you need, because if you take too much you can destroy the balance of nature. So those responsibilities created the perfectionist side of my character. I used that to learn and work at being the best Hip Hop producer that I could be.”

After listening to traditional Haida music, which is very different from hip-hop, I couldn't help but wonder what elements of the culture shined through in his own music.

"Haida people are very much a strong-willed nation willing to stand up for what's right and fight the powers that be -- and Hip Hop, when I first got into it, had the same energy.  It shared the same stand up for yourself and your people vibe that was ingrained in me... It was another way of self-expression that I had never heard before. And it was real. We as Haida people are taught to keep it truthful (keep it real) and that made Hip Hop so much better than anything else."

William told me that, although hip-hop is one of the main genres of music on Haida Gwaii today, when he was growing up this wasn't the case. However, when he did discover hip-hop, he became obsessed.

"My great grandmother was half Haida and half Black, and she was my favourite person in the world. She had this loving and caring nature that was infectious, so I looked for ways to connect with that part of my culture and found Hip Hop. It was like having audio books, and history books for the ears. So I would spend all of my money from after school jobs on as many Hip Hop albums as I could get my hands on. I would have to wait weeks for my special orders to come in from the city, and I would be impatient as hell going to the store every day to check if they had come in yet."

After being encouraged by his girlfriend and coworkers, William reluctantly tried out for the Edge of the Knife. Without any previous acting experience, William impressively got a lead role in the film. He told me that once he got the role, "I made it a personal goal of mine to kill it every time I had to get on camera and do my part. I spent hours and hours of sleepless nights working on the language on my own and with the elders who speak Haida fluently to get everything just right." After proving to himself that he could accomplish great things, William returned to making music after over two years. Now, with the iMPC Pro 2, he is constantly making beats that sound pretty damn good. I asked him how.

William on set.
"Man, coming back to Hip Hop music has been such a blessing. Before the movie, I had several downs in my life and the inspiration to make music wasn't there anymore, I was tired of my programs on my PC crashing and losing beats, and I wasn't in the headspace to make music anymore. I lost confidence in my product and it faded away for at least two years. I thought I was done forever with music and tried to move on with my life. Then a friend of mine told me about iMPC Pro 1. I had always wanted an MPC, so I purchased it and started hitting the pads. From there, iMPC Pro 2 came out with full song making capabilities.

I opened up the iMPC University program and realized what a powerful D.A.W. this program really is. I banged out my first complete beat called “ MC ” in about 25 mins, and like Hip Hop and I, it seemed like the perfect fit. The fact that I could hit pads made me love making music all over again. In only a short couple of weeks I've completed a full instrumental album and working on my second. Hopefully soon I'll start writing rhymes again and have a full Hip Hop album on the go.”

You can get the iMPC Pro 2 on the app store for iPhone and iPad.