Thursday, September 17, 2020

Phase into Creativity Again. ✨

I've been thinking about the nostalgia of pre-quarantined experiences, and how a weekend indoors just focused on music creation felt like an escape. Hours passed by that felt like minutes, and browsing through dozens of loops and apps was something to look forward to. Maybe music can be an opportunity to document what this year has been. It's hard to access creativity right now, and even harder to feel inspired -- I get it. I searched through our archives to find a small dose of happiness to share with you for the weekend.

Let's talk about synths.

Here's an interview with Louis Gorenfeld, the creator of Phase84, breaking down some features of the app and why this AU offers some more integrative possibilities.
"Creation, in the literal sense, is the act of bringing into existence something that wasn't anywhere in the universe before. It's crazy to think about, right? If you write a song, this thing you're building might not have even existed in your mind an hour before, and suddenly it pops into the world. But what makes it creative I think is when you put your own twist on it. When you channel part of yourself into it, or you combine two things that hadn't been combined before, that's what makes it creative."
- Louis Gorenfeld, on what creation means to him.

Phase84 is 75% off this weekend only for just $2.99. Since this app is a universal app, you can drop it into your favorite DAW or workstation to mix sounds from multiple apps simultaneously (like iMPCPro 2). Pair Phase84 with a few of our synth packs in the Content Store to get your creativity flowing!
PRO TIP: Tap Content Store and sort by SYNTHS to preview all synth Sound Packs.

Last thing -- I want to ask you a few questions! Let me know your answers in the comments... let's all help one another out this weekend with some new means for inspiration.
1. Who are your biggest musical influences at the moment?
2. Have you been creating music during quarantine? If so, we want to hear it. Drop a link to your latest track.
3. What album have you been listening to lately?

Friday, September 11, 2020

Some feel good packs for the moment

Things are pretty dreary right now — especially for those of us living on the west coast USA. Between COVID and Wildfires, it can be pretty depressing. Here are a couple feel good packs on sale to help spread some positive vibes and lift your spirits.

Clint Breeze Electro Hip Hop — on sale for $0.99 this weekend!

Stay safe and take care of yourself, eveyone!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Weekend sale: 2 packs for $0.99 each

Can you believe it's already September? I can't. But hey, it's Labor Day weekend for those of us in the USA. Normally this would be a day for picnics, BBQ's and other get togethers... and if you have plans along those lines, all I can say is "stay safe". If you're staying in this weekend, at least you can take advantage of some dope packs on sale to get you inspired and feeling creative. Enjoy /JP

Vherbal pays homage to the kings of Hip Hop, and brings you loops and sounds in the style of hall of famer producers. Inspired by the likes of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dre, Madlib — these sounds will find a place in any Boom Bap production. As always with Vherbal, expect pristine samples and grooves with killer strings, pianos, distorted guitar, crunchy drums, and more. Presented by Retronyms and Vherbal, check out “This is Hip Hop” for just $0.99!

mmodule comes out of retirement to produce a brand new set of hard-hitting loops and one-shots. Champion Trap weaves dense atmospheric textures, strong melodies, and rapid fire beats. Over 70 exclusive one shot samples sampled from analog gear, tweaked, EQ’d processed and sliced by mmodule. iMPC fans take note: this Pack was produced entirely with iMPC Pro and AudioCopy… iPad producers stand up! “mmodule Champion Trap” is on sale for $0.99.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Flash sale: Looperverse and two killer packs $0.99 each

If you've been waiting to get your hands on Looperverse, the time is now! Looperverse will never be more affordable than this very limited-time price of $0.99.

Looperverse is the ultimate loop recording and performance system for iOS! Continuously record up to 16 tracks, and immediately edit them. Get Looperverse for 0.99 at the App Store — iPhone and iPad

Looperverse makes recording, editing, and customizing loops simple. The 16 track loop recorder includes sound-on-sound, overwrite, and next track modes. You can adjust track sends to the built-in delay and reverb effects, as well as adjusting pan, gain, mute, and solo in the mixer. Looperverse features advanced waveform editing, pitch shifting, time stretching, live reverse, extensive undo/redo, and time signature support. 

Limitlessly modify your scenes and explore your phrases and riffs with Looperverse. Looperverse also supports Ableton Link, allowing you to lock tempo with Ableton Live or apps on other devices. AudioCopy support allows you to quickly publish music on SoundCloud, copy and paste from hundreds of compatible apps, and choose from millions of loops and sounds available in the Content Store. Get Looperverse for 0.99 at the App Store — iPhone and iPad

Pack Flash Sales

Get Rhyme Science and Jadetex for just $0.99 each in the AudioCopy Content Store.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Kings and Legends

Happy #FreshFriday! Is life still feeling like "Groundhog Day"? Well hopefully we can do our small part to help inspire and get your creative juices flowing. We have two incredible recent releases on sale today!

Underground Kings is a tight hip hop pack featuring the sounds of the underground. From traditional boom-bap style to next level double time with edgy melodies and fire cuts. Get it today for half off!

Legend is a highly melodic pack with big beats and a solid groove. Producer Colin Yarck describes it as "Energetic, downtempo slo-funk with vocoder grooves and a fantasy B section". 50% off.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Just a buck!

Happy #FreshFriday! We have a couple choice Packs on sale starting this weekend. We've dropped the prices all the way to 1 buck! Cheaper than a cup of coffee. On sale until next Friday (08/21)! Enjoy... and stay vigilant and safe, everyone!

DJ Puzzle’s Industrial Soundscapes Vol 3 is a set of 50 loops and 50 one shot samples for producing cinematic industrial music. In this pack, you’ll find disturbing ambient drones, pulsating basses, tense percussion, heavy impacts, and speaker-thrashing beats. The one shot samples also include vocal hits and drums.

The inspiration for this pack was a combination of classic industrial music and modern suspense films. This collection of sounds gives you vibes from artists including NIN, Front Line Assembly, and Skinny Puppy to name a few. You won’t want to miss this brand new genre. For more inspiration, check out Volumes 1 and 2 of Industrial Soundscapes.

Sound Alchemy contains variety of electro synth melodies and heavy trap bass beat with 124 bpm. Check out the demo track and tap the taster samples to take one style for a spin.

Friday, July 31, 2020

AudioCopy Update & Beatbox Sale 🎤

AudioCopy has been updated! What's new in this update:

-Dark mode support.
-Support for larger iPads and iPhones.
-Files app support.
-Hidden files are no longer displayed in the sample list.
-Other bug fixes and improvements.

Beatbox Sound Pack Sale

Every sound in this pack was created by the human body! Add some professional beatbox sounds to your music. Heavy on percussive elements, but not lacking on unique vocal effects, bass, higher register melodies, and surprising instrumental emulation.

Grab this pack for 70% off from now until next Friday (8/7) on your newly updated version of AudioCopy!