Thursday, February 11, 2021

NEW iMPC Pro Pack: Definitive 90s RnB 🎢

Akai Professional & 12 Bit Soul have teamed up to deliver the iMPC Pro Pack, Definitive 90s RnB, to the Content Store!

90s R&B represents the rapid rise from genre music to mainstream cultural and commercial dominance over this transformative decade. Forever intertwined with the sounds of Rap/Hip-Hop, there isn’t one pervasive sound that defined the era, but more so an emphasis on eclectic style blending. A rapid parallel evolution in artistry and music technology ensued in a short period of time, propelling us on a journey from the organic dusty breaks of Golden Era Hip-Hop to New Jack Swing to iconoclasts like Sade coupled with the meteoric rise of the Dirty South, retrofitted Neo Soul stylings, and the arrival of the Shiny Suit Era, where Hip-Hop moguls and superstar divas were born. This expansion captures that moment in time as R&B continued its progression alongside Hip-Hop.

This iMPC Pro Pack features 90s inspired composition loops and one-shots sampling sounds and gear of that era: horns, piano, organ, keys, strings, synths, live bass, guitar, and dusty vinyl and crisp digital drums to represent the fast-evolving sound of the decade. All sounds created and processed with an extensive collection of analog and digital gear, including popular instruments and samplers from the 90s era.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

How to Transfer Projects Between Devices (and Friends!) 🎢

With this feature, you can take your projects on the go and collaborate with your friends. iMPC Pro 2 was designed to intergrate your music creation with the rest of your workflow. Here's how to do it. All you're going to need is iMPC Pro 2 (for iPad or iPhone), and a Files-messaging app. We recommend using Telegram -- our staff uses this app for everything. You can even join The Honest Truth chat to meet other people who use our iMPC apps.

To do this tutorial, you will use the two buttons located on the main page of iMPC Pro 2: Archive and Import Project.

Exporting A Project

1. Open up iMPC Pro 2 on your device.
2. Navigate to the project you want to export.
3. Tap "Archive" underneath the project. This will create a .zip file that will be stored in the Files app.
4. Open up Files app and locate your recent project.
5. Tap "Share" and locate the Telegram app, where you can then send it to yourself (or your friend).
6. If you are sending to a friend, you're done! They will have your project. If you're sending it to another one of your devices, now's the time to grab your other device!

Importing A Project

7. On your other device, open up the Telegram app.
8. Download the .zip you sent yourself. This will save to the Files app.
9. Open up iMPC Pro 2.
10. Tap Import Project. You will see all of your .zip files available for importing.

This tutorial works across both iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone and iPad, and will work with any device that has Files app (iOS 11 and above). Do you want to see more tutorials like this? Let me know in the comments. Tag us in your videos/songs - we always love listening to what you all come up with creatively.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Something shiny for the winter blues. ✨

We curated a Sound Pack roundup in the Content Store filled with bright, punchy sounds and warm tones to cure our winter blues. Rainbowland and Alia Lock Sound Packs will be on sale for the next week. Sale ends 2/8/2021. Tag us in your music! We always love hearing what you create. 🌞πŸ’₯πŸ”₯

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

iProphet v. 1.35 and a 50% sale to celebrate. 🎢🎹

iProphet v1.35. 🎹

Update to iProphet v1.35 to enjoy the latest bug fixes in iOS 14. iProphet brings you the classic experience of the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS to iOS, and our latest version has fixed the crash on launch bug.

Winter SALE. ❄️

Enjoy 50% off iProphet and iMini this week! These two Arturia synths bring us back in time to 70's and 80's vibes, with classic synth sounds and a digitally remastered experience. If you enjoy any of our synth packs in the Content Store, we encourage you to explore the possibilities that lie within both of these apps.
Sale runs from 1/13/21 to 1/20/21.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

50% off all Loopmasters Sound Packs! 🎁

Holiday Sale Details

Enjoy 50% off all Loopmasters Sound Packs through the end of 2020! From iMPC sounds to world renowned DJs, you'll find something that suits your latest project. Over 140+ packs ranging from $0.99 to $4.99... sample these packs and treat yourself! 🎁

Sale ends midnight 12/31/2020.

How to Browse AudioCopy

On our Featured Page, you'll see 28 of the top-selling Loopmasters Sound Packs. You can browse all of the packs by clicking the BROWSE tab, then tapping ALL, sort by PUBLISHER, and navigate to LOOPMASTERS.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Sounds for the Weekend. 🎢

Hand Tac was produced by Colin Yarck for Retronyms, featuring funky, uptempo 80's inspired punchy electro samples. This Sound Pack pairs nicely with Loopmasters' House to Space Funk, which features groovy loops, funky live bass, and spacey beats. Both are on sale for the next few days as the soundtrack to your weekend. πŸŽ‰

Monday, November 30, 2020

The Best-Selling Sound Packs of 2020 – $0.99 today ONLY. 🎢

We put our best-selling packs on mega sale for Cyber Monday! For less than $20, you'll have the full collection at your fingertips. That's an 83% savings for all 20 packs. Open up the Content Store to browse and sample all of this amazing content.This flash sale ends midnight on December 2nd, 2020.

Shop Additional App Sales🎁

Looperverse for $1.99 | Phase84 for $1.99
50% off iMPC Pro 2 – $12.99
50% off iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone – $4.99
These app sales end midnight on December 2nd, 2020.