Friday, November 8, 2019

CAUTION ⚠️ Sounds from the Underground Now Available!

This week, enjoy a sound pack full of crushing boom bap drums, slimy melodies, and sick scratches. Street Cypher is a diverse collection of underground hip-hop sounds reminiscent of big cities from Chicago to New York.

Get ready to have tunes boomin' in your studio when you get your hands on this one. Its strong style and penetrating beats sound so good that they're truly worthy of the streets.

Forget silver and gold! You deserve the best of the best. Platinum Status has premium hip hop sounds for a refined taste. It's on sale until Sunday night, so snag it today for serious savings.

Thursday, October 31, 2019


Happy Halloween! We're very excited to announce that we are releasing 3 new iMPC Pro Packs courtesy of Akai. And, in halloween spirit, we have significantly discounted 3 spooky sound packs. Check out the details below!

Urban Echo
Presented by Grammy Winner Paul "Echo" Irizarry, everyone is trying to imitate his sound, but few capture its true essence. Grab this pack for slick Reggaeton, Urban, and Hip Hop beats, and cook up the next Latin hit!

Sleazy Beats
Covering the best of the diverse LA beat scene, Sleazy Beats is a blend of jazzy hooks, astral atmospheres, jagged MPC drums and cosmic ‘future’ styled melodics. Stacked Stabs, Chords, Lofi textures and drum hits, this collection is an ode to bold, forward-thinking production, drawing influences from various styles such as old school hip-hop, breakbeat, trip-hop and downtempo.

Premier Beats
Inspired by the sounds and production techniques of the likes of J Dilla, MadLib, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and the Hip Hop of the 90s, these RAW Samples have been carefully crafted using Vintage Technology including MPC and SP1200 Samplers, Vinyl decks, Tape Machines to process Vintage Instruments, Guitars, Basses, Horns, Electric Suitcase Pianos all packed with atmosphere and most of all - inspiration!

On Sale 👻

These sound packs are full of dark, intense, and quirky sounds perfect for sinister production. All three are 75% off until Sunday night (11/3). DON'T MISS OUT!


Freaky House


Happy music making!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Boom Bap Fit for a King 👑

"Music is the King of All Professions." - Fela Kuti

Whether you're in the underground or on stage, this sound pack is sure to enhance your beats.

Underground Kings has dozens of boom bap drum and percussion loops, edgy melodies, and fire cuts. Enjoy a mixture of powerful hip hop, and quirky melodic textures that cannot be denied. You don't want to miss out on these irresistible sounds fit for royalty! 

Boom-Bap All Stars Sale

Until Halloween night, Boom-Bap All Stars is only $0.99! Like fine wine and cheese, these two sound packs pair VERY well with each other. Get it today before time runs out!

UPCOMING NEWS: Stay posted for a spooky Halloween announcement 🎃 Follow @retronyms on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates.

Friday, October 18, 2019

The First Sound Pack that Drips 💧

When using the latest sound pack, make sure to put up a wet floor sign. Speaker Sauce drips hard. Its high quality sounds are almost guaranteed to make listeners slip up.

Influenced by J Dilla and Madlib, but with today's melodic style, Speaker Sauce is a perfect mixture of new and classic. Each of the 29 loops and 23 one shots have a strong character that lends itself to creating minimalist beats that stand the test of time.

Deep EDM Sale

One of our most popular and professionally made EDM packs is on sale this weekend. Get it 75% off until Sunday night. Grab Deep EDM and start the party with ease!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Cop the Latest Sound Pack Straight From the Streets 😎

What's more real than old school beats? The latest sound pack comes straight outta the birthplace of hip hop: The Streets.

Urban Philosophy features smooth keys, grimy bass, and of course, classic hip hop drums and percussion. With 50 total sounds, it is sure to keep you busy in the streets for days. If you need your workflow to hit, make sure to pick this one up.

Cypher Sounds on Sale

We cut the price of Cypher Sounds to a buck only until Sunday. This is the lowest price the pack will ever be. Make sure to get these old school sounds before time runs out! Peace ✌🏽

Thursday, October 3, 2019

This Legend Begins With YOU 🎶

Every legend begins somewhere. Every legend is inspiring. Every legend needs hero. Will you answer the call? 

Legend, the newest sound pack is chock full of grimy vocoder basslines, heavy, slapping drum beats, and intense high-end grooves. This electro pack with elements of house, funk, and an '80s film score has 61 loops and 37 one shots. They're bound to spark awe from anyone who listens.

What's more, Legend not only includes powerful electronica vibes, it also has tons of organic elements, like live drums, guitar, and vocals. There is something provoking about every legend, and this one is no different.

Clubstep EDM Pack on Sale

An enticing mix of dubstep and EDM, Clubstep is half off until Sunday night. Start the party today with its frenetic bass and magnetic leads.

Friday, September 27, 2019

NEW SOUND PACK! Are You Up To The Challenge?

The latest sound pack includes 59 loops and 35 one shots, notable for its intoxicating, dreamlike melodies that fall perfectly in line with its attention-grabbing beats. A lo-fi, nostalgic feel runs through Girl Eyes, perfect for downtempo house. Haunting piano and organ loops mingle with smooth synths, and bold drum loops demand any listener's attention.

Don't be fooled by its subtle nature, the sounds in this pack can be used to add heavy textures to any project. With surgical precision you can chop, detune, and layer its sounds to add character to trap, hip-hop, and any other beat. Are you up to the challenge?

Classic 90's House Weekend Sale

One of our favorite house sound packs is on sale this weekend. Usually, priced at $7.99, Classic 90's House is only $1.99 this weekend. Make sure to get it now before time runs out!