Friday, June 26, 2009

Best Ice Cream in SF...

I need to take a step away from the usual technology banter to rave about a ice cream place that's near my house and dear to my heart: Humphry Slocombe on Harrison at 24th (look for the blue awning on the northwest corner of the intersection).

To begin with, the name is nothing but fabulous. The location is great for any ice cream afficionado in the Mission who like me is stuck between Mitchell's and Bi-Rite, with either being just a bit farther than you really want to go. Although both are a short bike ride away, as a product of a culture that glorifies immediate gratification, I'd rather have the deliciousness just a few blocks away. And honestly, I might just like their ice cream better. The portions are good, it's not too heavy and creamy, not to mention the flavors...

It's a cozy little place that's an updated take on an old-school ice cream parlor, and the guys who run it are super friendly. And man is this ice cream spectacular. F-ing phenomenal actually. The sorbet is lighter and fluffier than any I think I've had, and the flavors are innovative and well crafted. For those odd ones that you doubt will be good, they are. Pretty much every flavor I've tried is right on. Experiment with combining flavors for even more fun! I start salivating even thinking about it.

Point is it doesn't matter where you live in the city, go check it out. It'll be worth the trip whether you get completely psyched at the thought of ice cream or if you just have some time to kill on a Sunday afternoon. Check out their site for a sampling of what they have to offer. I've worked my way through a significant portion of their flavors, and here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:
  • carrot mango
  • hibiscus beet
  • thai chili lime
  • golden beet saffron
  • peanut butter curry
  • salted licorice
  • kumquat-poppy seed
  • cinnamon brittle
  • oolong
  • rhubarb
  • honey thyme
  • sour cherry
So even if the list above doesn't really cater to your palate, they've still got plenty of flavors that are more traditional and tame, so everyone can find something to suit their taste. So enjoy those rare sunny days of the San Francisco summer with some fantastic ice cream.


  1. secret breakfast is my favorite :)

  2. ah, bourbon and cornflakes... the new breakfast of champions!

  3. I like the prosciutto one. Nothing like ham ice cream. ;)