Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seek ’n Spell Playtesting (and first screenshots!)

Dawn Wins!
Yep... she beat me

My wife Dawn and I did some impromptu playtesting of Seek ’n Spell late this afternoon (I know the San Francisco team played a bunch today as well... I'll see if I can pester them into posting something). I fired up the latest and greatest build, and actually managed to get it installed on both phones, and hustled out the door to Lakewood Park.

It was actually a very nice day here in Cleveland (alllllmost feels like spring). And all the people running and walking in the park must have wondered what we were up to as we wandered and chased after letter tiles.

It's been since January since I last tested this on the actual device in Vegas, and I must say it's come a long way! Everything is looking great, all the tiles are sharp and crisp on the map. Gameplay is solid. We really didn't have any crashes to speak of, and were able to play 4-5 full games.

Some more impressions and screenshots after the jump...

Hot off the iphone, here are some actual screenshots straight from my iPhone of the games we played (I think these are actually the first screenshots we've posted of Seek ’n Spell):

playing Seek 'n Spell!

In middle of a game... I've collected a bunch of letters including a double-score tile (sweet). Players are indicated by the colored circles with arrows showing which direction they are headed in. I'm purple with "JPW" as my initials, and Dawn is the yellow opting for the more minimal "D".

worth a shot

Later in the game, few tiles remaining in my stash... well it was worth a shot.

not quite

Going for a longer word... don't quite have the letters for it yet.

Overall, it was a lot of fun! Dawn had never played before, but after a couple games was crushing me in score. I personally loved it because since the early days of work on this thing, I've been using sat images of Lakewood Park trying to imagine what it would be like actually to play there, so I finally got to find out!

I'm hoping to organize a larger playtest this weekend - comment here if you're in the Cleveland area and interested.


  1. I'm in too! I can come on Sunday, anytime. Tomorrow I can come in the morning, up until about 2:00pm. Let me know!