Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seek 'n Spell at E3

Last week, I went down to E3 to do some Seek 'n Spell promotion. It was a bit of a marathon trip, with the conference all day and after parties late into the night, and I'm just now feeling rested enough to write up my thoughts.

These sorts of events are a great chance to get away from my computer for a few days and spend some time talking to people about what we do. Everybody that I talked to was really impressed with Seek 'n Spell, and I even convinced a few people to buy it on the spot so I could give multiplayer demos.

Even though I was at E3 to show off Seek 'n Spell, a surprisingly large number of people were interested in our other apps. Four Track in particular was a big hit. I guess a lot of people in the game industry are also aspiring musicians!

I have a couple of observations about the show: 1) There were a lot more iPhone developers there than I'd expected. I guess iPhone is really starting to establish itself as a gaming platform. 2) The Internet seems really enamored with the new Microsoft project Natal stuff, but I didn't really hear anybody at E3 talking about it. At the show, most of the buzz was about stuff that you could actually get your hands on right there. The guitar hero shows were surprisingly popular.

That's it for now, since I've gotta get prepped for our upcoming trip to the Come Out and Play outdoor games festival in NYC.

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