Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seek 'N Spell Stats

Seek 'N Spell requires a central computer so that we can coordinate games and determine little things, like who won. I decided to look at these logs to find some interesting information for Seek 'N Spell fans. Players have asked for high scores and leader boards. Until then, I'll share some Seek 'N Spell game details.

From April 22nd 2009 to July 8th

Player instances: 12496

Distance run chasing letters: 1391 kilometers or 864 miles.

Top 3 highest scoring word plays:

#3 "million" (2000 points)

#2 "leases" (2400 points)

#1 "tallies" (4000 points)

Longest word scored: 8 letters "outlined" (1100 points)
(nobody has scored a 10 letter word yet!)

And finally here is a map of all the played in the world. Its might be fun to look at nearby parks to see if anyone has played Seek 'N Spell there.

View Larger Map

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