Thursday, April 29, 2010

Courier Cancelled

And I am tremendously disappointed. I don't know that a Microsoft product has ever generated this much excitement for me, so of course it figures that it's not going into production. In case you don't know what it is, or even if you just want to relive those fleeting moments when you too were wowed by this innovative new piece, here's the concept vid:

So sad that no one will ever have to chance to use it. I know this isn't a feature requested by most, but I really liked that it had a stylus. I enjoy taking handwritten notes, and the Courier would have been great for that. The transfer to typed text (it seems) would have been really simple, and I imagine designers would have loved it for sketching. Oh, the wasted potential! My only hope is that it's been canceled in a trade for something bigger and better. Seems like a slim hope though. Sigh.

Gizmodo has the whole story for those curious about the pertinent details.

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  1. It is truly sad, this looked ten times better than an ipad ever did to me. Oh, well.