Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sonoma Wire Works Releases GuitarJack 2

You might know Sonoma Wire Works from apps like FourTrack and StudioTrack, and they've now released the second model of their awesome GuitarJack.  This fantastic little piece of equipment plugs into the dock connector of your iOS device and acts as an interface to connect your guitar for direct recording.

Besides the 1/4" instrument input, there's a 1/8" output for headphones monitoring and a 1/8" mic input for vocals or other line in. GuitarJack also integrates well with software, with dedicated panels in FourTrack, StudioTrack, GuitarTone, and Taylor EQ.  You can use it with third party apps too, even if they haven't built a specific section of their app for it.

But don't just take my word on how great it is, check out the reviews from Engadget and iPad Creative.  They also go into a lot more depth on the sound quality and how it compares to similar interfaces.

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