Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tabletop Contest Winner

After much difficult deliberation, we've finally decided on the winner of the Tabletop SoundCloud contest!  We're happy to announce that goma1000 has won the SoundCloud Pro Membership for the track Contest test with Tabletop/iPad.

Here's a screenshot of the setup he used to create the track:

And goma was kind enough to answer a few questions on the production process:

What's it been like working in Tabletop?

The app is very easy to use. The buttons are big enough, the automate functions are awesome, I could do new patterns with just simply pushing the record button and tweaking the knobs - I haven't seen this method on an iOS device before. It's fast and simple - I made this track on one Monday morning!

 How'd you go about making this particular track? 

As you can see I used just the basic stuff, none of the in-app purchases. First of all I searched for a good synth sound and a bass - the drums and the noises came at the end. Everything you can hear is originally in the app, I just changed the pitch and the length of the samples.

How does Tabletop compare to other software you use?

I really liked the idea of the Tabletop when I first saw the app's video on YouTube, because in studio I'm using a Nord G2, a virtual-analog modular synthetizer. The Tabletop has modules (instruments) as well - not so complicated as in the Nord but I think this is not the essence of the app.

What are your favorite parts of the app?

As I said: the recording functions, the Triggerator because it reminds me the old days of the tracker era, the Gridlok's playback mode and last but not least the multiple saving mode. I don't own anything from the device store but they look and sound absolutely amazing.

Where would you like to see improvements?

Frankly I had troubles with the sequence's function 'Edit loop'. It's possible that I just didn't get it, but it was pretty clumsy for me. It's difficult to record the pitchbend movements of the RS3 synth as well. There's no opportunity to rerecord just one pad in the Gridlok or just delete one pad's movements. And while I was writing these answers for your questions on my iPad, I had to switch between the email and Tabletop because I wanted to see what's in the app, and it froze after every switch.

Thanks goma for your answers and a great track, and thanks to everyone who entered! There were a ton of great tracks, and it was really difficult to choose just one.

Just a reminder - all of this was made possible by SoundCloud's iOS Sharing Kit.  Audio app developers be sure to check this out as well as all the other great tools from SoundCloud.  Tabletop users be sure keep on submitting tracks to the Tabletop group on SoundCloud too!

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