Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tabletop 1.6 Released, New Contest Starts

The next big release for Tabletop is now in the App Store, and with it come two very exciting new devices...

The first is a free device called Magic Mic, which is an input recording module. Add vocals to your tracks or any other sounds that strike your fancy but aren't immediately available in the app.

As we announced during SXSW, the other new addition is the T-Pain Effect, powered by iZotope. Available as an in-app purchase for $5.99, this automatic pitch-correction device adjusts your vocals to hit exactly the note you want. Pick the scale, key, and octave of your choice, and let the device work its magic! Get that classic T-Pain sound, or tweak the parameters for wild vocal effects!

To help everyone get some practice with these new devices, Retronyms is holding another Tabletop contest!

The Rules

Are really easy to remember and follow:
  1. The track must be made exclusively in Tabletop. Imported samples are ok to use.
  2. The track must use Magic Mic in some way. You're free to use whatever other devices you like.
  3. The track must be submitted by 11:59PDT Sunday, September 16, 2012.
How to Enter
  1. Follow the above rules to create the track.
  2. Post the track to SoundCloud. You can do this straight from the session — just tap Session then Share on SoundCloud.
  3. Add "Contest Entry" to the What field.
  4. Tap Upload and Share and sit back and wait for the results! You're welcome to add as many entries as you like, but it won't necessarily increase your chances of winning.
How to Win

Retronyms will select the winner based on the subjective criteria of what track we like best and what we think does a great job of showing off Tabletop's capabilities.

The Grand Prize

There can be only one... winner. And that person will win a free year-long SoundCloud Pro Membership!

So now that you know what to do, get to it! You're a talented bunch who have already produced some amazing stuff, so very excited to see what comes out of this contest...

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