Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chop. Drop. Boom.

Retronyms recently wrapped up our 6th annual Debacle, our weeklong hackathon. We used this time to put some nails in the latest Tabletop gear!

Deadbeat: Beat Dropper, Sound Mangler
An expressive surface that uses the accelerometer to stutter and filter the beat. Grab your iPad, and launch Tabletop into the 7th dimension. Buy now in Tabletop — $3.99

Boomroom: Transcendent Reverb
The Boomroom is a high quality reverb with mind-blowing visuals. “Pinch to boom” and create massive, cavernous sounds. Watch and listen as your kicks and snares emanate and clear out your chakras. You’ve never seen or heard a reverb like this. Buy now in Tabletop — $8.99

Cueboard: Beat Juggler
Resample, chop, and juggle your session. Capture any input, and flip the beat to your heart’s content! Buy now in Tabletop — $2.99

Get them in Tabletop!
Tabletop is a free modular music creation environment for iPad. Mix and match over 30 different devices including samplers, mixers, effects, sequencers, turntables and more. In-app purchases allow you to get the new gear you want from an expanding catalog.