Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing Your New Moderators!

We've recently transitioned the Tabletop and iMPC SoundCloud groups to being community-moderated, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce the wonderful folks who are listening to all the tracks you submit:

I've been making music since I was a child and my first real electronic music came from Fruity Loops when I was 15. I started getting more into that scene and started to really dig on Animal Collective and artists I felt were using samplers and other electronic instruments in a different way. I love things that are most definitely electronic but use natural or organic sounding samples. Flying Lotus and most Brainfeeder artists are my biggest inspiration. I love the combination of musical styles to create atmospheres and textures I've never experienced before. If I had to pick a genre other than electronic it'd be 50's and 60's pop/rock. I use mostly samples from movies I watch and only upload songs I've made entirely on the iPad.

Chris Hambley
My name is Chris Hambley. I'm 31 years old and live in Newcastle, England. I like to think I have a varied taste in music, ranging from rap to rock, dubstep to drum and bass and love listening to how people build their own tracks using their individual styles. Keep me busy and get your tracks uploaded!

Hello, my name is Demetrius, I’m a 28 yr old N.J. native and aspiring music producer. I started making music when I was in high school (‘03). My early influences were strictly Hip-Hop/R&B, but nowadays I find influences from every genre. My taste in music fluctuates constantly, mostly between Film Scores, Rock/Alternative, and Hip-Hop/R&B; but I’ll give anything a listen. When people hear my music, I hope to leave them with a thought of Recognizable Difference. Meaning, what they’re hearing is something new and different, but they still recognize it as good music.

One of my first albums was Meet The Beatles. My music taste starts there, runs thru 1970's prog and hard rock, touching punk, disco, classic, and a few others; Minimalism, Modern Composition, Orchestral, Renaissance, Bluegrass, Honky Tonk, Dance, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Garage, House, Jungle/Drum’n'bass, Techno, Trance, Lounge, Swing, Electronic, Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica, Industrial,  German Folk, Hip-Hop/Rap, Gangsta Rap, Hip-Hop, Old School Rap, West Coast Rock, Gospel, Instrumental Marching Band, J-Pop, Jazz, Big Band, Dixieland, Fusion, Hard Bop, Ragtime, Brazilian, Salsa y Tropical, New Age, Britpop, R&B/Soul, Disco, Doo Wop, Funk, Motown, Soul, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Ska, Rock, British Invasion, Death Metal/Black Metal, Glam Rock, Jam Bands, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Psychedelic, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Surf, Tex-Mex, Folk-Rock, Musicals, Original Scores, World, Afro-Beat, Cajun, Caribbean, Celtic, Hawaiian, Indian Pop, Middle Eastern, South Africa, South America, Blues and ends who knows where?  Seriously, I can find something to hang onto in almost all types of music. At this point in my life I use iOS apps exclusively to create music as that was how my musical interest was re-kindled....take care, Duke P.S. My first synth was a Mini Korg 700, circa 1977, look it up :-)

I grew up listening to a lot of a reggae, ska and oldies in Jamaica. I moved to America in 1998 and got introduced to all different genres of music. I don't have a specific genre that I tend to listen to, I find music and if it sounds good I listen.
What’s up everybody. My name is JP, and I’m glad to be a part of the Tabletop community for a year now. I’ve been in the dance biz for 17 years, having worked at various dance labels. My musical tastes are as diverse as you can get. I simply dig all music. I’m huge into vinyl, and have an online record shop ( Thanks for all the support, and look forward to hearing the great music out there!
Hungry Colors
Hey, I'm Hungry Colors a.k.a. Jerome Pawlowski a.k.a. Facemelter. It's difficult to decide who inspires me, honestly I don't think I can pinpoint them. I mean I have no problem listing my preferences (Atmosphere, Aphex Twin, Mr. Bungle, Incubus, Eyedea & Abilities, Aesop Rock, The Who, Leftover Crack, The Skatalites, Postal Service, A.S.A.P. crew, Primus, N.W.A., etc.) I can go on and on, but I would have to say I'm more influenced by what's happening to society n sanity, and finding beauty in the things people ignore or forget. I'm still toning my sound which I'm not sure if I have a label on it just yet. I just make noises that please my ears and hopefully a few others. Thanks for listening.

Bass heavy songs are my favorite in any genre. I like mainstream stuff but new styles that I am not familiar with are always exciting.
Hello, my inspiration to create music is the sound, exploration and experimentation with electronic sound. The music that I like is glitch hop, dubstep, eletrohouse, trip hop, house, deep house, chill and almost all kinds of experiments with drastic sounds. The artists who have inspired me are, modeselektor, portishead, can, Kraftwerk, among others, and of course characters like Robet leon theremin and moog. Thanks for adding me. 

sayzar tracks
Most of my musical taste comes from soul sounding artists. For some reason I have a ear for soul samples or samples in general. Well the truth is anything that sounds good. My inspirations would be anything or anyone who has made a effort to make great music. Too many names to mention.  Bob marley would be one and James brown, Sade is another. Production wise I am influenced by Dj premier, Large pro, Marly mar, Lee scratch perry.
Sketchy Bongo
Sketchy Bongo is a music producer and Dj from Durban, South Africa, who specializes in trap, moombahton, hip hop, dubstep, drum n bass and electro. He is an avid user of iMPC and Retronyms Tabletop to create his trademark big bass sound. Some of his influences include Diplo, TNGHT, Flosstradamus and Die Antwoord. On most weekends you can catch him dropping the bass at many clubs all over South Africa using two iPads, and a midi controller. He looking to tour the Europe and the USA in the coming year.

I create Reggae (dub) and hip hop mostly. My influences range from boogie down productions to brujeria and anything and everything in between. Erick Sermon is genius and God returned to earth as Miles Davis.
I'm 28.  Loved music all my life. Started making music/DJing/playing piano around 13.  Favorite artists are Joe Budden, Drake, Wale and too many others to name.  Favorite producers are Araab Muzik, Just Blaze and Kanye West. 

I have been around music for more than 20 years in various roles (club dj, artist, studio engineer, producer, & fan). I listen to all genres because it inspires me to be different musically. Variety challenges me to be different in spite of what's on the radio. My musical influences come from a wide variety of artists and it continues to expand all the time. Here's a few of them: BB King, U2, Duran Duran, James Brown, Hall & Oates, DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Timbaland, Fela Kuti, Dr Dre and many others.

Hello. My name is Gabriel Linares. Some of you would know me as VacationLazy......others might know me as the dude that throws 5 songs out a day.....before lunch......I know a lot of you guys from listening to your tabletop tracks. Some you guys have been my friends for a better part of a year now. I'm honored to have this opportunity to moderate. This is a great community of musicians. From just starting out seasoned pros like bomb deluise!  Honestly I listen to everyone's track and favorite them all the time. So this is not really new to me but I'm still glad I get to be a part of this. Thanks everyone at retronyms! I'm actually a better musician because of you guys!

The development my unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. My Dad is my biggest family influence, growing up I was always surrounded by different types of music. My  
outside influences are vast, which my collection demonstrates, from Captain Beefheart to the The Prodigy to Richard D James, Luke Vibert, Kasibian, Chuck Mangione, The Beatles, Sl2, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, but to name a few. Everything I listen to directs my musical development in some way. At the moment I am trying to create as many songs as I can to compile a short list of songs for a set list or my over all goal a album, I would love for my life just to consist of making music everyday,  I appreciate everyone who listens to my music and will try my best to listen back to yours, soundcloud is a great place to listen and share new music with other people who love music. Love and Respect, WhoEverKnew.

There are a few more who didn't write up intros for themselves, but say 'Hi' and/or 'Thanks' to them too!

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