Friday, September 6, 2013

AudioCopy SDK: iOS 7 and other improvements

Dan, Catbearder.

Hello everyone,

This is Dan from Retronyms! AudioCopy is one of our favorite projects. After we developed it with longtime partner Sonoma Wireworks, many people have integrated it into their iOS music and audio workflow.

Frankly though, it's been a bit overdue for an update. iOS 7 was the final straw as it fundamentally changes the way the pasteboard works. As some people have noticed, some features in AudioCopy (e.g. copy history) would no longer work in the new iOS.

We weren't ready to just let AudioCopy fade away, as it's a popular feature in our apps, and many others. After the iOS 7 beta release, we started working hard on a solution. The result is AudioCopy 2.0! This update to the AudioCopy SDK ensures compatibility with the standard and is easy to drop in and replace the old version in your apps.

The AudioCopy App.

In order to keep some of the best features of AudioCopy in iOS 7, we added a free standalone app. This acts as a "sound pasteboard" and seamlessly serves all the copied content to 3rd party apps. The AudioCopy app doesn't have to be tasked to the foreground during the process. It simply sits in the background and quietly serves the sound content to apps as they request it. If a user doesn't have the AudioCopy app installed, AudioCopy/AudioPaste still work using the general pasteboard.

Overall Improvements.

We also took the opportunity to improve much about the AudioCopy experience across the board. The new and improved SDK includes:

- Retina support.
- Modern, standard look and feel (goodbye woodgrain!).
- Fully resizable user interface.
- Launch full screen, in a popover, or window.
- Limitless history, organized by app.
- Preview general pasteboard or audio from the history.
- Delete sounds from the history.
- Automatic registration (no need to email us to be on the compatible apps list).
- Delegate methods (from ACP 1.x) are now optional.
- Removed all 3rd party libraries (ASINetworking).
- Compatible apps list is now ordered by recent and popular apps.
- Easy integration / replacement.

If you have already integrated AudioCopy or AudioPaste into your application, updating should be easy. We've tried to make this as much of a drop-in replacement as possible — be ready for iOS 7 and get the latest AudioCopy at

We will do another SDKs release after the gold master of iOS 7.  We wanted to get this out now to give developers a head start.

Thanks for reading, and please get in touch at danwalton [at] — I'd love to hear from you.

Dan Walton
Retronyms Inc.