Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adventures in Funk: RS4000

Louis does a shredding demo on the RS4000, the quintessential subtractive synth in Tabletop.

Software engineer by day, synth shredder by night, Louis shows off on the RS4000. The quintessential synth for Tabletop for iPad.

Tabletop users - check the CloudSeeder featured feed to download this session with custom-made RS4000 presets used in this demo.

Catch more of Louis's music at extentofthejam

Here's some more info about this setup:

If you haven't tried connecting a Midi controller to Tabletop, it can be a lot of fun! Your best bet is to use a controller that supports midi over USB like the Axiom 25 in this video. You'll need the appropriate USB to Camera Adapter or Camera Connection Kit for your model of iPad.

The Axiom 25 in particular has a small issue where it attempts to draw too much power from the iPad, so use a powered USB hub. Louis has some final thoughts about some advanced mapping for the pitch-bend wheel:

"I forgot to mention how to map the pitch wheel! While RS4000 doesn't currently support mapping the pitch wheel directly, there are a few workarounds that use Tabletop's ability to map a CC to the pitch.

The easiest workaround is if your keyboard has an auto-centering control that sends out MIDI CCs. For example, some keyboards have a centered joystick control for the mod wheel.

Failing that, many MIDI controllers such as the M-Audio Axiom are programmable. If your keyboard allows you to reassign the pitch wheel to send out MIDI CCs, you're ready to rock!"