Friday, February 20, 2015

New Sound Packs add more Trap, Hip Hop, Dub, Reggae and more!

This week, eight new packs from Loopmasters dropped in the AudioCopy Content Store. Trap producers will find a lot to love in this latest set as popular content store producer Capsun is back to expand on their top-selling Capsun Trap with Trap Evolution and Chill Trap & Future RnB packs. This set also beefs up offerings in EDM, Hip Hop, Reggae and rounds it all out with Robotica which really has to be heard first hand, but check the description:

"Every sound in this collection has come from genuinely abused toys mic'd and hardwired to a chain of devastating audio effects including Bitcrushers, Watkins Tape Delay, Mooger Fooger Pedals and then plumbed into a vintage Reel to Reel tape machine for some warm Analog saturation."

Check the featured page, Loopmasters page, or sort by release date to see all the latest Packs available in the content store.

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