Monday, June 1, 2015

iMPC Pro 1.3. Sliced Loops and Time Stretching

Note: HOTFIX update for all CloudSeeder-enabled Apps
All CloudSeeder enabled apps (Tabletop, AudioCopy, iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and iMPC Pro) have an update that's available now. Download and install this update to get a critical fix that prevents a crash on launch due to a change in SoundCloud's API.

Free update to iMPC Pro adds Sliced Loops and Time Stretching!

The iPad beat production powerhouse by Akai Professional and Retronyms gets major new features. Version 1.3 adds support for Loop Slicing and Time Stretching. Also look for fixes to CloudSeeder and improved AudioCopy workflow.

Perform and Produce with Sliced Loops
iMPC Pro 1.3 supports time-stretchable loops on any Pads in your Programs. Drop a loop onto a Pad, and it will automatically match the tempo of your Sequence. Freely change pitch with 16 levels and note variation to perform with loops at different pitches and push it to the extreme for that killer ssstttrecching audio effect.

Loops from the Content Store are compatible, as is any .wav file with standard loop metadata (acidized). Plus create your own from any sample with the new improved Editor.

Sound Editor 1.3
In the updated Sound Editor, you’ll find a new tab. Next to trusty Trim and Chop to Pads is the brand new Slice Loop. Take any loop of audio, mark the beats, and your good to go with a sliced loop that will automatically match your Sequence tempo at any pitch! The choice is now yours — any sample can be Chopped to Pads or Loop Sliced. Plus open your favorite loops from the Content Store and chop them to pads in one tap.

Other fixes and improvements
Added "Paste All" — now you can paste entire folders from AudioCopy with one tap.
Fixed CloudSeeder "latest" feed.
Various bug fixes.
Improved integration with Content Store.

Tabletop Ready
Tabletop also gets some maintenance updates and compatibility with the slice loop format. Now you can slice loops and time stretch them to different tempos and pitches in the Tabletop Ready version of iMPC Pro. This version also adds compatibility with Loops from the Content Store. You can use sliced loops from purchased Content Packs inside Gridlock and iMPC Pro. Loops from Content Packs will automatically match the tempo of your Sessions.

iMPC The Honest Truth vol.9
In celebration of iMPC Pro 1.3, we proudly present iMPC The Honest Truth vol.9! A.K.A. the straight dope, it's a semi-regular collection of beats and songs from the iMPC Community. Curated by Baynbridge, this set has 30+ tracks posted straight from iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and iMPC Pro by talented producers and beat makers.

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