Friday, December 18, 2015

Wej is in production! Shipping as soon as we receive final units

Wej update: We visited the factory building our Wej earlier this week! As soon as we confirm the boards off the assembly line are working to spec, we'll begin final mass production. All the final components and parts are ready and the rubber enclosures are in transit on a ship across the Pacific. As soon as everything is assembled, we'll start shipping to pre-order customers!

Wej is a hackable wireless midi performance base for iOS. Learn more and order yours!


  1. is there any way to connect this amazing lightshow utility to anything OUTSIDE wej? or any plans to add this option?

    I have a couple strips of full colour and individually programmable led lights like 2801 , 2811, I forget what mine is but it does chasing and all that with a little 133 option controller.

    Anyway, It would blow my mind if there was a way to connect this baby to it somehow.

  2. Where can I change the shipping address of my pre-order?

  3. I was one of the first to preorder wej. Waiting a long time for this.

  4. Are these finished and shipping?

    1. yes, we are in full shipping to pre-order customers.