Friday, February 26, 2016

iMPC Pro version 1.5 and Big Sound Pack Sale

iMPC Pro v1.5 is available now
In this version you'll see substantial improvements to stability and performance, bug fixes and great new BONUS features! Here's what you can expect:
  • MIDI Learn for easy controller mapping.
  • Slice Loop Auto mode, which automatically detects all transient markers.
  • Improvements to MPC Desktop Export. You can now export slice loops as patch phrases, among other things.
  • Latest version of the Ableton Link SDK.
  • Latest version of AudioCopy (3.2), which improves workflow.
  • Bonus feature: Bit-Crusher in the pad effects, which has a digital distortion effect on your sounds, adding some crunch and fuzz.

In the latest iMPC Pro Log, JP tells you all about the v1.5 and demos some of the new fun features. Subscribe to the Retronyms Channel and you'll receive updates on all the upcoming iMPC Pro videos that go into more detail about the features mentioned in this episode.

Retronyms Public Beta Program
We are now going live with a Beta Program that allows our users to participate in exclusive pre-release testing of iMPC Pro. All the help we got for v1.5 was really valuable. We wanna spread the word and get your feedback so contact us at if you’re interested in applying as a Beta Tester. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. MIDI Learn breaks custom templates. I have a Quneo pad controller. I had been using a template mapped specifically for iMPC Pro which worked great prior to the MIDI Learn implementation. Now the iMPC Pro ignores it and I have to select MIDI Learn and manually map the pads. I am unable to switch banks, use Note Repeat or control the transports as I was able to before. There should be an option to not disable MIDI for controllers other than the MPC Element. My Queneo is setup to respond identically to the Element but iMPC Pro effectively disables it.