Thursday, February 23, 2017

Artist Spotlight: CAPSUN ProAudio

We got a chance to talk with Jay Pulman, known as CAPSUN, about how he infuses creativity and artistry into CAPSUN ProAudio. He's as dedicated as he is talented, spending countless hours producing music and engineering sounds that are meant to inspire. His passion for his art is palpable, and he's lucky enough to do what he loves every single day as the Creative Director for CAPSUN ProAudio.

Retronyms: Hi Jay! Tell us a little bit about yourself as a producer. 
CAPSUN ProAudio: I’m Jay, also known as CAPSUN. I’m a producer, musician and sound designer based in Brighton, UK.

Who are your biggest influences when you’re creating music?
Actually manipulating sound and focusing on individual sonic elements has influenced my music hugely. Less nerdy answer - hip-hop beatmaking culture, growing up in the London music scene and the LA experimental beats has permeated my sound for sure.

How did you get involved in producing music? Who got you started?
I started making electronic music at 12 thanks to encouragement from my brother Matt Borzoni. Many years on, we still make music together every day as the team behind CAPSUN ProAudio!

We believe that music has the power to connect people. How do you use your music as a tool for connection?
Recently I’ve started finding I really enjoy the education aspect that live streaming on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube can provide. I’m lucky enough to make music every day and I want to help others reach their potential too. We all have essentially the same dream and I don’t believe there should be any secrets.

How do you define your sound?
I try not to but I’m sure others do.

Where did you make your first beat and what was that experience like for you?
The basement of my parents house on a very early desktop computer. It’s all I’ve wanted to do since.

What was the last song you listened to?
Travis Scott - Goosebumps

What album is on repeat right now?
Wiley - Godfather

If you could only use one piece of equipment -- which one would you choose?
Propellerheads Reason and NI Maschine. We’re gang and family, I spend more time with them than any human. 

Tell us about some of your process while creating these packs.
We start with a concept or a title. We always discuss what we would want to see in the sample pack as a producer. We decide if it’s an electronic, live or hybrid project (will we need acoustic or foley recording) and then we start designing drums, loops and one shot sounds. Building a sample pack is intensive and creative. 

It can be fun and inspiring and also at times, when it comes to quality control, it can be really hard work. We want to create the best samples and sounds we are capable of so our customers know that we respect them when it comes to choosing us.

What are some of the tools that you used to create these sounds? Can you share a tip or trick with our users about your technique?
Maschine, Reason, Elektron Analog Rytm, Novation Circuit, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, Toy Synths, Cassette Tapes etc etc. There’s a lot! I always recommend to producers that like our samples to check out D16 Group and Kilohearts software plugins. They are both used all over our packs!

We're featuring the sounds of CAPSUN ProAudio in the AudioCopy Content Store this weekend. 
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CAPSUN is going to be doing an Instagram live stream on Friday, February 24th, at 6 PM PST. Get an inside look into the CAPSUN ProAudio studio, learn more about his creative process as he makes music, and ask Jay anything you're curious about. You won't want to miss it. 

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