Thursday, July 27, 2017

iMPC Pro Version 1.6.9 is here.

Major performance updates. 

We're proud to announce a big bug fixing update to iMPC Pro! Aside from a randomly occurring crash (among others) which has been fixed, it is also more efficient than previous releases. Here is a complete breakdown of what else we've changed in this release:

- Fixed crashes inside Timeline when dealing with recorded rapid pad taps
- Fixed crash in sample editor's "chop to pads" when adjusting threshold and rightmost pads are selected
- Fixed bug in sample editor's "chop to pads" feature that could leave the last slice without a proper end handle
- Fixed note repeat "buzz" glitch when using "natural" quantization (time correct)
- Export to MPC Desktop software now correctly supports Chop to Pads
- 3D Perform in Tune mode no longer sticks after it is turned off
- Flux Link recording now copies accurately instead of creating buzzing when duplicating sequences
- Current swing and quantization recording settings save with the session
- Improved MPC Element/Fly support (only the currently selected bank now lights the pads on the Element)
- Fixed "phantom notes" bug that can happen when a sequence is duplicated which contains a note-off at the very end
- The session browser's left-hand side menu now has a cleaner presentation, and a bug has been fixed where tapping the pencil icon loaded the session instead of renaming it
- Fixed problem in which queueing a sequence in Song mode may not keep the pad lit after it switches to the new sequence
- Timeline switches between tracks better (fixed stale audition pad issue)

And, finally, we have added a new feature that improves the workflow: The current swing and quantization recording settings save and restore with the session.

Unlock your sounds. 

In celebration of this release, we're giving away The Vault for free in AudioCopy! iMPC Pro Packs will work in any compatible app including Garageband, Launchpad, Tabletop and more. They also have enhanced features for iMPC Pro. If you AudioPaste iMPC Pro Packs into iMPC Pro, you’ll get a set of Programs that are designed exclusively for iMPC Pro with the proper layout and parameters.

We're also offering 50% off of iMPC for iPhone, iMPC Classic (iOS and Android), and iMPC Pro! 

All of our iMPC apps are on sale! Sale ends Monday, August 7th, 2017.

iMPC for iPhone: from $2.99 to $0.99
iMPC Classic (iOS): from $6.99 to $3.99
iMPC Classic (Android): from $6.99 to $3.99

iMPC Pro: from $12.99 to $6.99

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