Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tabletop Weekend Sale!

50% off some of our favorite devices.

Tabletop integrates a variety of different instruments, pattern machines, mixers, effects, and more. Each unique device offers a new avenue of sound exploration. This weekend, we're offering all of the above devices for 50% off. Drop in your favorite Tabletop-Ready App, like iMPC Pro or iMini, and explore endless combinations. 

Boom RoomMake your bass go boom with this enormous reverb!

TT-303Effortlessly create squelching, aggressive acid lines with this recreation of one of modern dance music's foundational synthesizers.

SpinbackGet Spinback to make sure your beats aren't wick wick wack! Load grooves out of your device's iTunes library and scratch to the break of dawn.

Unleash your creative side with Stryke, this strummable chord-based synthesizer inspired by an 80s classic synthesizer. Chiming harp-like sounds, vibes, leads, and even power chord accompaniment are at your fingertips with this remarkable Tabletop machine. It also comes with both chilly and smooth pad sounds that underlie the notes you play.

Dan + JP have very different spirit animals. Seriously. Have you seen these videos before? Upload a video of yourself #Strykeshredding and we'll love you forever. 

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