Friday, January 5, 2018

iMPC Pro 2 Version 2.0.4

The latest version of iMPC Pro 2 includes all of these new fixes!

- 32-bit support is back! (iPad 2, 3, older minis)
- Tapping a blank part of your audio track and AudioPasting now pastes into the correct space and won't crash
- iMPCPro 2 now works inside of an InterApp Audio host. You also no longer have to start the iMPCPro 2 session first before connecting to it with your IAA host.
- Improved Fly/Element support: Undo menu now closes from an MPC command. Bug fixed with Soloing tracks from the MPC.
- AudioUnits list cleaned up
- Fixed AudioUnit tracks and timeline display when recording notes, drum pads lighting up for AUs on other tracks
- Accepts more e-mail addresses in the iMPC University registration form

As well as all of the fixes in 2.0.2 (which you might've missed :) ):
- No longer crashes when saving and closing a session with InterApp Audio on the Audio track
- Fixed crash when creating over 64 tracks
- Audio tracks now properly duplicated when duplicating a sequence
- Fixed AudioCopy sequence feature
- Fix hang when dragging audio clip handle off of screen
- Audio tracks now save correctly with "Save as Duplicate"
- Mod wheel no longer cut off by one pixel

If you are happy with this update, please leave your review in the App Store. If there is something not working properly or you have additional feedback, please email us at We value your feedback. :)

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