Wednesday, February 21, 2018

iMPC Pro 2: Version 2.0.7

We've just released the latest version of iMPC Pro 2. Here are our release notes! If you're happy with this update, may we humbly ask for your review on our App Store page?

We're constantly looking for feedback -- ideas for new features, problems you're experiencing, and your thoughts on iMPC Pro 2 in general. If you have any questions, please email us at Tag us in your music. We love to listen. :)

Features added:
* You can now export stems!

Bugs fixed:
* Right-bias fixed in resample recordings
* Solo automation gets stuck in on position
* Tempo Sync now supported in Audio Units
* Syntronik Audio Unit now works with iMPC Pro 2
* Fixed gaps in audio track mixdown on certain device/OS combinations
* Fixed bug where slice markers were off when editing sounds > 44khz
* MIDI input no longer triggers last-selected AU track when on a drum track
* Fixed Undo when recording MIDI
* Fixed bugs when multiple audio segments were highlighted
* IAA effect send now work on audio tracks
* Occasional buzzes and other audio glitches when IAA removed
* Crash when trying to open an empty user program
* BPM changes when writing out stems and mixdowns
* Audio Unit quantization fixed
* Audio Unit notes may now be erased with the Erase button in Perform
* Audio Units now always play correct sequence on restored projects
* MIDI-learned drumpads no longer triggered in AU mode
* Tracks view now shows notes as they are recorded
* Outputs to virtual MIDI devices can now be disabled in the MIDI menu

Happy music making! Stay tuned for the next update. If you have bugs, email us ASAP to get them in the next fix.

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