Monday, June 4, 2018

iMPC Pro: Releases and Information 🎧

We've got some important news to share with you. We are interested in your feedback and we want to hear your thoughts. Will you email us at 

Twilighting Time✨

On June 15th, we will be retiring our iMPC Pro 2 Release Bundle and iMPC Pro 1. All existing iMPC Pro customers save on the full price of Pro 2 with this bundle. 

Don't worry – if you've got iMPC Pro on your device, then you're good. You won't lose your existing projects or sounds. To continue receiving updates to the iMPC Pro collection, we encourage you to grab iMPC Pro 2 at the lowest price it will ever be

Once the bundle is gone, it's gone forever. 

We released iMPC Pro 2 in December and we've been blown away by your creativity. You've shared thousands of tracks between YouTube and SoundCloud. iMPC Pro 2 is a full fledged song creation tool, and we designed it with you in mind. 

We created this bundle for you to experience iMPC Pro 2 + the 5 Akai iMPC Pro Packs that come with it for free. We also created iMPC University to give you the best experience yet, with 10 days full of producer secrets, tips, and tricks.

Moving your sounds is easy. Just follow our tutorial here to move sounds from Pro 1 into Pro 2.

NEW iMPC Pro Pack: Rawcratez🔥

Akai Professional presents the latest iMPC Pro Pack, Rawcratez – produced by none other than RAWCUTZ. These sounds were built to inspire and provide building blocks for you to manipulate, twist, and chop to create your own, fresh track.

Check out these crunchy snares, jazzy chords, and musical melodies. Add in some of the soulful basslines and a few of these authentic chops and you're set.

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