Thursday, June 28, 2018

Keep us where the light is. ✨

Eburnean is a collection of loops designed to showcase how the natural world and the digital representation of our world intersect.

There is both a light and a darkness in this intersection, and each of these these Sound Packs explore the human response to the beauty of this dichotomy.

We are in the dawn of the digital age, and there is still so much to discover. In order to fully realize our potential as artists and creators, we need the darkness to showcase the light.

Eburnean is a story of welcoming both light and darkness in with open arms. It's about fully embracing the ever-complicated and ever-messy now of our lives. We want to see beauty, remember it, and use it as creative fuel.

You can preview some of these loops in the Content Store now:
Eburnean Volume 1
Eburnean Volume 2
Eburnean Volume 3
Eburnean Volume 4

From the artist: 
"These 4 loop packs and the aforementioned album were created simultaneously over the course of the month. The sonic characteristics in these musical works explore both multifaceted light and dark places with corresponding electronic and acoustic instruments." 

Experience the album visually by watching the Eburnean story unfold in a series of photos that showcase the light from dawn to dusk.

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