Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Beat: Jerry Pizzini 🎶

Introducing The Beat

In The Beat we check out producers who craft beats with our apps. Join us today to find out about Jerry Pizzini, a hip-hop producer and avid iMPC Pro 2 user with an ear for sick samples.

Jerry Pizzini has been making beats for years, and it shows. His rhythms are tight, and his choices in sound are uncommon.

From well-known artists like Michael Jackson to more obscure songs from the 70s and 80s (similar to G-funk samples), Jerry chops up all kinds of music in unique ways. He will take the high point of a song, speed it up, and lay down a beat to complement the sample. The tracks Jerry makes reflect his own patience; after carefully choosing the sounds to put under a sample, he allows each part of a song to establish its groove and hang in your ear before moving on.

Pizzini’s beat samples I Miss You, a ’72 classic by  Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes.

For sound design, Jerry is inspired by Kanye West’s bold use of samples, and the minimalism in his beats. He told me that old soul, rock, and gospel are some of his top genres to sample from, and he looks to DJ Premier’s beats, and Swizz Beatz’s energy for inspiration.

Jerry has always been interested in music, and taught himself production techniques. After doing a lot of cratedigging for samples, and working with different production brands, devices, and software, like Korg, Triton, and the MPC2000. Once he discovered iMPC Pro 2, he switched to almost exclusively use the software to make beats. Now he can go from an idea to a full song anywhere, anytime.

Listen to more of Jerry's songs here, and create your own by posting with AudioCopy. iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone and iPad is on sale for 50% off until the end of June.

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