Friday, April 17, 2020

New Sound Pack: Soul Provider 2 Is Here!

By popular demand, Soul Provider 2 has finally made it to AudioCopy! Full of soulful hip-hop vibes, this pack is more of what you have come to love with the original Soul Provider. Its premium sounds include live instrumentation, vintage samplers, harmonized vocals, and much, much more from MSXII Sound Design. Soul Provider 2 is crafted with built-in programs that manipulate the mute groups, ADSR, tuning, and many other presets for the samples.

Because iMPC Pro packs are half off until the end of April, Soul Provider 2 is as well! Get it today in the content store

Back To The OldSchool

Back To The OldSchool uses a mixture of live drums and digital drum machine shots to create intoxicating rhythms. It blends vintage House & Techno stylings to bring you something absolutely jaw-dropping.

April Sale
Did you hear the news about our April sale? For the entire month, ALL of our iMPC apps and sound packs are half off. This includes iMPC Pro 2 for iPad and iPhone, as well as all of our iMPC Pro Packs.

During the worldwide quarantine, we hope that you are staying safe, healthy, and creative. If you ever feel overwhelmed by everything, take a breath and make some beats!

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