Thursday, September 17, 2020

Phase into Creativity Again. ✨

I've been thinking about the nostalgia of pre-quarantined experiences, and how a weekend indoors just focused on music creation felt like an escape. Hours passed by that felt like minutes, and browsing through dozens of loops and apps was something to look forward to. Maybe music can be an opportunity to document what this year has been. It's hard to access creativity right now, and even harder to feel inspired -- I get it. I searched through our archives to find a small dose of happiness to share with you for the weekend.

Let's talk about synths.

Here's an interview with Louis Gorenfeld, the creator of Phase84, breaking down some features of the app and why this AU offers some more integrative possibilities.
"Creation, in the literal sense, is the act of bringing into existence something that wasn't anywhere in the universe before. It's crazy to think about, right? If you write a song, this thing you're building might not have even existed in your mind an hour before, and suddenly it pops into the world. But what makes it creative I think is when you put your own twist on it. When you channel part of yourself into it, or you combine two things that hadn't been combined before, that's what makes it creative."
- Louis Gorenfeld, on what creation means to him.

Phase84 is 75% off this weekend only for just $2.99. Since this app is a universal app, you can drop it into your favorite DAW or workstation to mix sounds from multiple apps simultaneously (like iMPCPro 2). Pair Phase84 with a few of our synth packs in the Content Store to get your creativity flowing!
PRO TIP: Tap Content Store and sort by SYNTHS to preview all synth Sound Packs.

Last thing -- I want to ask you a few questions! Let me know your answers in the comments... let's all help one another out this weekend with some new means for inspiration.
1. Who are your biggest musical influences at the moment?
2. Have you been creating music during quarantine? If so, we want to hear it. Drop a link to your latest track.
3. What album have you been listening to lately?

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