Thursday, November 25, 2021

iMPC MVP: araabMUZIK Trap Soul Edition 🔥💽

Back and Bolder Than Ever
araabMUZIK is the worlds fastest finger drummer, and you know him from his original drop years back – his araabMUZIK title pack. Akai Professional and araabMUZIK are proud to present the next chapter in beats. Our best-selling artist is back with another iMPC Pro Pack in the Content Store, just in time for the holidays!

It is now 2021 and araab’s music production continues to evolve producing for new artist coming on the scene and still working with legends in the music industry. Part of araab’s evolution is expanding his sound and creativity by working with other producers and artists. This new araabMUZIK Sound Pack starts with the talented "Motif Alumni" adding some TrapSoul ingredients for you to develop some powerful recipes. We added sounds so you can cook up masterpieces on your iMPC app instantly. For more information on araabMUZIK projects and Motif Alumni go to

Taking a Deeper Look
Includes over 114 Hard Hitting Kicks and Snares, Crisp Claps, Soulful Melodic Loops, Classic TrapSoul 80s Bass Synths, Vocal Phrases & Chops, 808’s, Percussion, Snaps, SFX, Drops, and more. Arranged into 4 complete drum kits of 4 banks each. Ready to rock in iMPC Pro 2 for iPad and iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone.

About iMPC Pro Packs
iMPC Pro Packs will work in any compatible app including Garageband, Launchpad, Tabletop and more. They also have enhanced features for iMPC Pro. If you AudioPaste iMPC Pro Packs into iMPC Pro, you’ll get a set of Programs that are designed exclusively for iMPC Pro with the proper layout and parameters.

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