Thursday, January 13, 2022

Helping you carve a new path in 2022. 🏔

She already elevated us with her airy riffs and mystical vocals in the first two packs from the Elemental Vocal Series. We are excited to share with you, Earth Elemental Vocals, the latest release in the content store for #freshfriday from the astounding Kenya Grace. 

Earth. The place we call home. A motherland in every heart and a connection we have that's deeper than words. In the multitude of her one shots, you can hear the whisper of an invitation to explore our shared ground of being. To care enough about life and love to strike up something beautiful. To give a damn and make something enchanting along the way.

These grounded and gritty vocal loops and one shots from Kenya Grace might just be what you need to help your project find its footing in 2022. Go test out Earth Elemental Vocals in the content store and see for yourself. You just found the cornerstone for your next classic. 

100 BPM
37 Loops
71 Vocal One Shots
Website |

Instagram | @kenyagrace

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