Wednesday, March 2, 2022

📍 Dropping you a pin to Chopper County. 📍

This hidden-gem has been tucked away in the midwestern foothills of Kevin Elliott's creative mind for a while and now we are allowed to tell you where to find it! In Chopper County, you'll find low valleys with bumping bass-lines and a stream of hard hitting samples. The peaks are technical, intense melodies that'll keep you humming along with the haunting harmonic loops. We are thrilled to bring you, Chopper County, the latest #FreshFriday release! This iMPC Pro pack is ready for you to tryout in Audiocopy. In the content store, you'll be able to play with some of the loops and one shots from "Shotgun", 1 of the 5 kits in Chopper County. Have fun... and don't shoot your eye out. 💥 😉 

80-148 BPM
5 Kits
31 Loops
61 One Shots
Written and Produced by Kevin Elliott and Retronyms#FlashSale

While you were sleeping, we've been scheming. Crafting a risky plan and keeping it to ourselves. We've tried to do it the right way. We've tried the standard way to get released but now we have no choice. It's happening this weekend. This is it, set your alarm and synchronize your watches. Your only chance to save more than 80% and get JailBreak for .99 cents this weekend. We launch this #Flashsale on 3/04/22 and I hope we are still running by Monday. Go test out our jewelry-heist samples in the Content Store to hear these dark and funky sounds for yourself.

110 BPM
40 Loops
60 One shots

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