Friday, May 5, 2023

Mobile Music Production 411, loop slicing.


Mobile Music Production 411:

Mobile Music Production 411: My new loop doesn’t change tempo when I change song tempo?

Why it is important to slice a new loop!
Hello Hello Hello to all of the Music Makers, Thank you for reaching out to us at support for your questions or suggestion about iMPC, iMPC Pro 2, AudioCopy, Phase84, TableTop, Looperverse and all of our powerful mobile audio production apps. One of our Music Makers recently reached out to us with a serious concern about their brand new fire loop in iMPC Pro 2. They had just recorded this loop and it was not responding to tempo changes in iMPC Pro 2. I’m sure there are other Music Makers out there who run into the same issue with new recording or samples. We took some time out of our week to record this video of the loop slicing process and why it’s necessary. We hope this is beneficial for our Music Makers out there and we want to hear from you if this helped you out. Reach out to us @Retronyms on Instagram or Twitter if this helped or if you have other questions that can be answered in our next video in this series! Don't forget, all of the loops from our Sound Packs in the AudioCopy Content Store come pre-sliced and ready to take your project to the next level.

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