Tuesday, February 20, 2024

🔪 Chopping it up on iMPC Pro 2 🔪


Chopping It Up: Lofi Boom Bap

Are you wanting to learn how to make a fresh beat on iMPC Pro 2.

Take a beat and check out this production flow video from a pro. 

Renowned producer, Vherbal Beats, shows you how simple it is to find your inspiration on the iMPC Pro 2 with a new sound pack from AudioCopy. 

A retro Lo-Fi Boom Bap style sound pack by Vherbal transported from 90s hiphop. Slamming crunchy drums and vintage chops the genre is known for. This pack was created with the same techniques and equipment used throughout 90s hiphop giving it an authentic sound. All of the sounds in this pack were mastered on iMPC Pro 2 for our Mobile Music Makers.

Lofi Boom Bap:

Alarm Kit

Anthem Kit

Franken Kit

Grime Kit

Robbery Kit

87-92 BPM

Chopping It Up: Upcoming feature

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