Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recorder v. 10.1 Update

Recorder v. 10.1 finally made it to the App Store yesterday! As you probably know, the big feature added to v. 10 was call recording, and 10.1 adds a couple minor improvements.

The first addition of this release is a call recording bug fix for the crash when entering the last digit of the number being dialed. No more need to enter numbers into your contacts first!

Probably the more exciting addition for most people, however, is the ability to turn off the call recording notification given to the receiving party! But don't get too excited just yet - you need to research state laws before turning off the call record notification.

Some states require that both parties know the call is being recorded! If you don't know your laws or what laws apply to you just keep the notification on. I know that'll probably bum some people out, but alas! we have to abide by the law.


  1. Still can't buy minutes in the Recorder despite attempt to reinstall and hard reboot of iPhone 3g.

    'All apps up to date' as of this moment.


    Great product, nonetheless.

    No wonder there are no comments on this post. I took the time to write the above and got 'your request could not be processed, please try again.

    Dan H.

  2. I am having the same issue (it seems) as Dan H. - where I "Still can't buy minutes in the Recorder despite attempt to reinstall and hard reboot of iPhone 3g."

    The only difference is that I have a 3gs.

    There isn't even an option to record calls.

    I sent an email to support - but haven't heard anything back - So I figured I would try here - as well.

  3. Does Recorder have a bar of buttons across the bottom (as in the screenshot above?)

    Could you send a screenshot to support@retronyms.com?

    We will try to get to the bottom of this.

  4. i got it but im outside usa ,,,doesnt it work in other countries?

  5. Very frustrated.

    It would be useful to let customers know it only works in the US before purchasing. Newsflash people in the US - there's a big wide world out there!

    How the hell do you get a refund!

  6. How can I use this app to record incoming phone calls?

  7. can i sell this as affiliate to my list in