Friday, April 2, 2010

What Do These Apps Have in Common? An App Store Feature!

That's right, two of the apps we've partnered with other companies to produce are now featured in the App Store!

First on the list is, the video streaming iPhone app for the website of the same name. This app has been out for a while, and you can browse all the channels on wifi and 3G. If you've got a account, log in to chat with everyone who's watching the same channel that you are. If you don't, create an account right in the app!

The second is StudioTrack, the iPad incarnation of FourTrack plus more tracks and features. StudioTrack just made to the App Store for the iPad launch, and man, are we excited about this one. It uses the iPad's better processing power to make FourTrack into a bona fide studio-quality multitrack recorder. You get eight tracks to work with, you can add effects to each track, and so much more! If people were writing songs with FourTrack, I can't wait to see what they do with StudioTrack.

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