Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Movie Miscellany - Thankskilling

There's a general shortage of Thanksgiving movies in comparison to holidays such as Christmas, but if you're looking for a really cheesy horror flick to celebrate the day, this would be one you should watch.  As the name might suggest, this is indeed about a group of college kids who are hunted down in a Thanksgiving killing spree.  The twist: the crazed murderer is a turkey. 

Said homicidal turkey has come from the times of the Pilgrims to avenge the dishonoring of a turkey ancestor, and is full of aggro and at times comedic one-liners.  There's the stereotypical cast of slut, prude, jock, nerd, and chubs (but no token black guy), and follows your typical horror storyline of slutty girl getting knocked off first and the prude being the one to finally do away with the evil turkey, with lots more ridiculous murdering rampaging in between.

Thankskilling definitely straddles the line between hilarious and painful, but for all its terribleness I'd dare call it a success, given its budget of $3-4K and managing to get a whole four stars in its imdb rating.  But the best part of the film is that it's only a bit more than an hour.  I believe it's currently available on Netflix if you're still on vacation and have nothing better to do.

If you're not that into horror flicks and want a Thanksgiving film that makes your dysfunctional family look like the Brady Bunch, check out the House of Yes.  This dark comedy features a great cast - including Parker Posey at her finest crazy, Tori Spelling, and Freddie Prinze, Jr. - and is sure to make you feel better about the drama that can surface during the holiday season.

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