Sunday, July 24, 2011

Retronyms on Touch Sound Podcast!

The good people behind the excellent Touch Sound Podcast talked a little about the speculation surrounding our forthcoming iOS offering. It's a great little segment in the Rumors section (around 42:00). Ashley of Palm Sounds plays coy while the cohosts speculate!

In Episode #04 we talk about Spotify in the US, SampleTank, Epic Synth, Addictive Synth, MicroTrack DB for Samsung Bada phones, the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II, iRig MIDI, the Yamaha i-MX1 and the Fostex AR-4i microphone for the iPhone 4. And if that wasn’t enough for you, we also discuss the camera connection kit on the iPhone with iOS 5, some new apps coming up plus we interview Dan Radin from Alesis who talks to us in depth about Alesis and the iO Dock!

Thanks to Ashley, Nick from Touch Producer, Greg from Minijack Music, and Sean from iOS Musician for all your enthusiasm. Won't be long now until we have more information!

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