Monday, August 1, 2011

Sound Epic - Turn any song into a symphonic soundscape

Our friends over at Taptronica created the fabulous Sound Epic for iPhone. This app, currently App of the day on Gizmodo lets you "Turn a three minute pop song into an hour long masterpiece" (you may remember when somebody did this with Justin Bieber with awesome results).

Sound Epic is also AudioCopy enabled — the Taptronica guys recently stopped by and tried it out with Tabletop:


  1. Cool, but a bit confused.. How did he export the Epic file and then load it into the Tabletop turntable? As far as I can tell, the Tabletop grid drum module is the only device that allows audio paste..

  2. The turntable loads out of your normal iTunes library on the device. Here are the steps he followed:

    1. Export the file from Epic to his computer
    2. Added it to iTunes
    3. Synced that back to his iPad.
    4. Load it up in the turntable!