Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Share your songs on SoundCloud!

The latest version of Tabletop adds the ability to post to SoundCloud (and share to Facebook, Twitter and more) straight from the app. This is a free update in version 1.2. Here's how to do it:

1. Add Recorder M2 Device
When you have a session, beat, song, loop, or anything you'd like to share. Simply add a Recorder M2, record, and post! In this example, I want to upload my whole mix, so I connect the master out of the Goblin MX8 to the input of the Recorder M2, and then connect the output of the recorder to the Master out so I can hear it. I typically flip on hold mode, and arm the recorder. In this state, it will wait until it gets  a signal to start recording, so you can just press play.

2. Record your Music
Now I play my session and when finished, I stop recording. If you've used the Recorder before, this should look familiar, except now there's a new option to "Share on SoundCloud" above the name field. Simply tap that to continue.

3. Share on SoundCloud
Once you log into your SoundCloud account (if you don't have one you can sign up right in the app), You can enter some basic info, add a photo, and even choose to post on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Tap "Upload & Share" and you're off!

4. Join the Tabletop Group on SoundCloud
Once you've uploaded your music, why don't you join the Tabletop SoundCloud Group and submit your songs! We'd love to hear them, and the other Tabletop users would too!

Take a listen to some of the tracks that Tabletop users have added to the group:

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