Sunday, January 22, 2012

Retronyms demo of MPC Fly App at NAMM

This past weekend, Retronyms joined Akai to demo the MPC Fly app at NAMM in Anaheim. We got to show it off to a lot of producers and users.

Here's Dan Walton and Zach Saul showing off the app to a crowd:

Check out this great video interview with John-Paul Walton:

NAMM 2012: AKAI MPC Fly from ICON on Vimeo.

More exciting information about the new MPC app will be forthcoming soon. Watch this space!


  1. please make effect sends per pad too. I want a delay for my hihats, but not for my kicks for instance.

    also pinch too zoom in sample view mode (i guess that would be done), and non destructive chopping of a beat.

  2. Please make the jog-wheel touchable as well, I don't wanna tap through menus like in the video.

    16 slices would also be nice.