Monday, April 9, 2012

Around the World with Tabletop & SoundCloud

As we've been working on the CloudSeeder Devkit project that we announced at SXSW, we've been really impressed with all the awesome tracks being posted to SoundCloud by Tabletop users! To give you guys a little preview of what it's going to be like to check out all the latest tracks from Tabletop (and your other favorite iOS apps) once CloudSeeder goes live, we put together this short playlist of some cool sounds from the past 30 days that were shared using the SoundCloud uploader in Tabletop, or submitted to the Tabletop group on SoundCloud...

Not all of these are "finished" tracks, but that's part of the reason we're so excited about CloudSeeder and the future of iOS music in general. As it gets easier to share songs and demos between users, we're hoping that the Tabletop community will become a great place for people to show off their work, learn new tips and techniques, and ultimately produce lots of awesome music!
If you've posted some cool Tabletop music recently and we didn't include it here, let us know! Make sure you join & post to the Tabletop group on SoundCloud and give us a shout on Facebook & Twitter too. And of course, stay tuned for more info on future updates to Tabletop and CloudSeeder coming soon.

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