Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome to Tabletop: Device Sale!

As we mentioned in last week's post about the XOX Drum Deranger, the Tabletop app is now free & we're very excited to have so many new users checking it out over the past few days! We really hope everyone is having a great time expressing themselves musically with Tabletop & as you come up with your first few cool tracks & beats, we're looking forward to seeing them on Facebook, Twitter & in our Tabletop group on SoundCloud!

We also wanted to make a special offer that applies to both new and old users of Tabletop, by dropping the price on our Ekko delay effect & the Overdose digital distortion effect to just $0.99 for a limited time! These two devices are pretty fundamental to many types of electronic music & so if you're starting to get more familiar with some of the 11 devices included with Tabletop, we encourage you to try routing some of these through the Ekko & Overdose filters to start getting a feel for some of the countless ways you can mix & match devices in the Tabletop environment!

And for those users who really want to dig into the massively customizable possibilities of Tabletop, just have a look at this video highlighting some of the sounds & features available in the RS4000 Synthesizer in Tabletop. With that many automatable parameters and the discounted effects, you should have no trouble coming up with thousands of new sounds to use in your songs!

Oh, and did we mention the Goblin MX4-FX mixer, with support for 2 send/return channels plus Aux in? Happy Tabletopping everybody!


  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for setting Tabletop free AND for providing device sales. I had been eyeing Tabletop for a while, and since it's now free, I had no excuse not to try it. I love the concept and the included devices. One thing I am wondering, though, before I start digging deeper into it: is it possible to AudioCopy audio out from Tabletop for use in other DAW apps? Is that planned for a future release?

  2. I love tabletop, I have all devices, and the possibilities are really wide. But I have only 1 ipad.
    I would like to see built a device to record or load samples and apply Syth effects to the samples. Also an arpegiator.
    Is that planned for a future release?