Sunday, December 16, 2012

iMPC Community Highlights

You guys are amazing. Since launching on Thursday last week, the iMPC community has posted over 700 beats to SoundCloud. I'm sure that number will be in the thousands very soon. I thought I'd put together a sampling of some of the great beats and tracks that have come in from the last few days.

I hope to be able to do this on a regular basis: presenting iMPC The Honest Truth vol.1

In this set:
sayzar-tracks, Jordwin, JustMusik, BeatMakerTV, Born Sticky, swishermedia, Tavo365, KIESE, John Heffington, Bomb DeLuise, beatsbycrumb, bdi5, Jostereo, Garf Richards, DemetriusB, AllOutEntertainment, Kujikuru, Beley, sound by Adam, Vinosound, cgayner, pivester45, PERION76, and Darryl DCHI Thomas - follow 'em all on SoundCloud!

Did I miss any hot ones? Let me know on twitter @retronyms

- JP