Monday, December 24, 2012

iMPC The Honest Truth vol.2

Happy holiday! Hope you enjoy iMPC The Honest Truth, vol.2

About an hour of really impressive beats, loops, and tracks from the iMPC Community. I had a really hard time keeping this under an hour, there's just so much quality and talent here.

This includes stuff through Sunday morning... if I missed anything super dope, or you just want to suggest something for the next volume, let me know on twitter @retronyms

In this set: 3bazuka, Steve Gilbert, rokthabeat, Jordwin, OlogistBBB, Beley Beats, GizmoDaVillain, sirrich, Milkplus, RJTC, Ziggy704, DemetriusB, sakke-makke, Gunn Rouche, MCal27, ICEKING, GovMag, Garf Richards, Big Drain, froseNAGRANIA, quasardubs, GuyScarlett, JunevortexMusic, Sy Wyld, CRFTZMN, Scool DaBeatCreata, DCee, DannyBeatz, FlashBoogie, Dasoulkey, Liagmusik,  djimpc, ohjay71, BeatMakerTV, TakeOne, Beatz r uz, saYnOToTheChip, Sound by Adamdlpeace (tracked in protools), and vacationlazy (tracked in Tabletop).

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