Monday, October 21, 2013

AudioCopy: Free Your Sounds

AudioCopy has long made it easy to paste sound in hundreds of apps. You may have noticed that some of features of AudioCopy stopped working in iOS 7. We've been hard at work to address this and make AudioCopy better than ever while we're at it.

Download this free app now to get much more out of AudioCopy:

The new AudioCopy is a better catalog for your sounds. Browse and audition all the sounds you've copied, import sound libraries via iTunes, and store sounds centrally for easy use in your favorite apps. You'll also notice a new steamlined design ready for iOS 7, and an improved interface that is more at home on different screen sizes whether you're using an iPhone or iPad. Learn more about AudioCopy at

Dan demos the latest AudioCopy

Dozens of apps have already updated to the new SDK. Lots more are on the way, but some of the first apps to update include:

Modular Synthesizer
Music Studio
Hokusai Audio Editor