Tuesday, June 17, 2014

iMPC Pro Log — Trim and Chop

iMPC Pro features a sophisticated but intuitive sound editor. Chop mode lets you flip beats with ease.

This is a monster video — 16 minutes in depth on these features and workflows.

iMPC Pro Log showcases the latest features from the freshest development build of iMPC Pro, the upcoming beat production iPad app from Akai Professional and Retronyms. A new video drops every week until we launch! #summerofepic

[Note: iMPC Pro is currently in development. All features are subject to change]

We sampled a tune from: soundcloud.com/jakubandrew

Heads up iMPC Users! We're going to be doing something to hook you up when iMPC Pro launches. Keep your ears open in this news feed. To be sure to hear about it sign up for iMPC News.

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