Tuesday, July 22, 2014

iMPC Pro free update available now (v1.1)

Hello everyone, version 1.1 of iMPC Pro is available now as a free update. Below is a description of some of the important improvements.

iMPC Pro V 1.1 changes include:

- Trim endpoint saves and loads properly.
- Delete Sounds.
- Velocity for iMPC Element fixed.
- Added sound delete (drag to trash).
- Crash on set global for FX return and Master Fader fixed.
- Can now open and close precision mode controls while popover is active.
- Performance improvements on save and load sessions and sample edits.
- FX returns were moving some fader controls. This is fixed.
- iMPC Pro now registers as a InterApp Audio Instrument. Should sync better with Cubasis and other hosts.
- You can now drag pads across banks using multitouch. (eg: begin dragging pad, select bank b, drop pad)
- Various other small fixes and performance improvements.

I think this is going to be a great update.  I'm also really happy to have had a chance to build the new delete feature. We are now off to add some polish to Tabletop and finish our last project for #summerofepic! Stay tuned.

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